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7” or 8” mini lathe

(plus freight) New 7” or 8” mini lathe (no threading) 7” or 8” mini lathe kitted out with CNC Conversion Plus conversion kit and CNC Conversion Plus electronics package ready to plug into your computer.

8” X 12” Mini Lathe Conversion Kit

Another popular candidate for CNC conversion is the 7” mini benchtop lathe. Mainly due to cost, this machine is an economical way to enter into CNC machining. The kit includes:
  • NEMA 23 stepper motors
  • Custom machine ball screws and nuts for each axis
  • Stepper motor adaptors
  • All new bearings
  • All new shaft connectors
  • All required hardware

8″ mini lathe conversion kit

This kit includes (2) NEMA 23 stepper motor mounts, X and Z axis ball screw and nut custom fit to

Anodizing Aluminum

Anodizing Aluminum – we clean and prep your parts and anodize. Colors                     
  • Brilliant Red
  • Gray
  • Royal Blue
  • Black

Ball Nut Repair and Maintenance

Ball nut repair and maintenance – we clean and inspect the ball nut to check for wear. We then fit new balls in the nut using oversize balls if necessary.

Ball Screw Machining

We machine ball screws to your specifications. We also supply the ball screw if necessary.
  • Machining per end -  $55.00
  • Ball screw per ft.        $25.00  for 16mm

Benchtop Mill/Lathe Conversion Kits

The bench top lathe conversion kit is similar to the bench top mini mill conversion kit. The main difference being two axis instead of three. The kit consists of: (2) NEMA 23 stepper motor adaptors (2) Ball nuts (2) Ball screws All new thrust bearings, shaft connectors and all the mounting hardware is included.

CNC Control Packages

Custom designed and built to your specifications that range from simple 2 to 4 axis control to full spindle control, coolant, lighting and many other options

Custom Built CNC Routers

We design and build CNC routers to just about any size to your specifications. The kit includes:
  • Metal tubing frame for base
  • Top working surface that is replaceable with threaded inserts on 6” centers for clamping wood, plastic or aluminum to the machine
  • Precision linear rails (16mm) on the X, Y and Z axis
  • Z axis slide with ½” ball screw and nuts
  • 3 NEMA 23 stepper motors
  • Cable tracks
  • All required cables
Control cabinet that consists of:
  • Durable case for mounting or stand-alone
  •  Power supply
  • Syntheos Gshield V5b driver board
  • Sparkfun Redboard (Arduino)
  •  Cooling fan
  •  E-Stop button
  •  Power indicator light

Custom Routers/plasma tables

Custom built routers/plasma/laser tables

Grizzly G0704

(plus freight) Understanding Grizzly G0704 Conversion Kit The kit includes all the necessary mounting hardware, stepper motor adaptors, all new bearings, all new shaft couplers, 3 new ball screws, and nuts. Optional double opposing ball nuts for higher accuracy available on all axis. Note; The table and Y-axis base require modification. You will need access to a larger mill to make these modifications. Modification drawings are included in the kit. Why Choose CNC Conversion Plus? We're taking a different approach to convert your benchtop (or just about any other machine) from manual to CNC. We realize that not everyone has the knowledge in electrical and mechanical, or maybe the equipment required to convert a machine to CNC. Even with the axis conversion kits that are available (including ours) many times there are additional hardware (limit switches and DRO mounts) that have to be made. We also make laser/plasma/router machines to your specifications. Grizzly model G0704 benchtop mill converted to CNC using CNC Conversion Plus conversion kit and CNC Conversion Plus electronics package ready to plug into your computer