Sieg X2D Benchtop Mill Conversion Kit


Very similar to the Sieg X2, the Sieg X2D mini mill is a more robust machine with a fixed column and extended travels. However, the headstock has the same motor and drive system. This machine is sold by The Little Machine Shop in Pasadena, California:

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The CNC Conversion Plus Sieg X2D Conversion kit is the only true “bolt-on” kit on the market. You needn’t drill any additional holes or enlarge existing holes.


The Sieg X2D benchtop mill is already a preferred milling machine choice among hobbyists and beginners. And this CNC conversion kit is apt for turning Sieg mills into fully-fledged CNC machines. 


All bearings (where possible) have grease fittings. The Z-axis mounts to the center of the head, placing the center of gravity where it belongs, in the center. This greatly reduces drag on the Z-axis stepper motor and eliminates stalling.


All axes on our Sieg X2D mini mill for sale are equipped with radial and axial bearings. This ensures zero backlash, even if you’re milling heavy workpieces or operating the machine for long hours. 


The coupling design of precision stepper motor means the shaft of the stepper motor isn’t damaged during milling. 


The Sieg X2D CNC conversion kit is one of our best-selling products, thanks to its easy-to-follow instructions and intuitive DIY features. Also, in terms of pricing, our Sieg X2D packages offer a cost-effective solution for CNC conversion


Sieg X2D Conversion Kit includes:

(3) NEMA 23 stepper motor adaptors
(3) 16mm ball screw and nut assemblies
All new bearings
Grease fittings on all bearings
All required mounting hardware