Centroid Handheld Pendant


The handheld pendant allows for manual operation of the machine as well as remotely

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Centroid Acorn Control Console Includes: 

  • Centroid Acorn controller board with on-board CAM package (INTERCON)
  • 4 axis capability 
  • (2) power supplies 
  • (2) cooling fans – 1 intake, 1 exhaust 
  • 8 bank relay for auxiliary functions such as coolant, light, air, etc.
  • Power indicator light
  • On/off switch 
  • Emergency stop button – can be installed anywhere the customer chooses 
  • Shielded ethernet cable 
  • Metal enclosure 


The Centroid Acorn Control Console is one of the best-selling CNC control packages on the market, thanks to the reliability and ease of operation that this CNC software offers. 


Talking about the CNC controller board from Centroid Acorn, it features a built-in CPU for motion control and is capable of handling up to 4-axis CNC machines. This allows the CNC motion control board to be compatible with both mini and large machines and thus comes in handy for almost every machinist. 


Here are some ways this CNC control board fares better over its counterparts: 


  • The Acorn board has an inbuilt 1Ghz ARM cortex A8 motion control CPU. And this lets the controller communicate to the CNC PC quickly and seamlessly through an ethernet cable. 
  • The CNC control board is capable of controlling an extensive range of axis drives and motors with industrial-grade command and precision. As such, be it a router, mill, lathe, or laser cutter, you can use this to control just about any CNC machine. 
  • Just like other control boards from Centroid Acorn, this one is also compatible with axis motors of all sizes and types. So from Delta to Teco to DMM to Teknic, you can integrate the CNC controller board with any motor drive package for an AC brushless servo motor. 
  • This is a DIY CNC controller with simple steps to have it installed and running. Meaning you need not hire a professional; all you need to do is follow the manufacturer-provided installation manual


Simply put, the Centroid Acorn Control Console is at par with industrial control systems and offers you top-notch performance and reliability at beginner-level prices.