Centroid Acorn Control Package


The Centroid Acorn package is a full 4 axis software/hardware package that offeres great flexibility for your cnc
conversion project. We’re proud to be an authorized reseller for Centroid. The Acorn board comes with an on-board
CAM package that is easily to navigate and very intuitive. Along with the CAM package, the board offers:

• Tool length offsets
• Cutter diameter compensation
• Up to 99 tools
• MilPro and LathePro license that allow constant surface footage, thread milling, probing and the handheld pendant
• 8 position relay board for miscellaneous functions like turning on coolant, lights, close/open doors, bar feed and
many others
• Multiple work center offsets

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The Centroid Acorn Control Package will accept g-codes generated through many existing post processors and easily adaptable to your needs. It has an on-board CAM package (INTERCON) and operates on Windows 10 platform via ethernet.

  • Includes NEMA 23 or 34 stepper motors and drivers
  • Power supplies
  • cooling fans
  • on/off switch
  • power indicator light
  • all cables
  • 8 bank relay for aux functions (light, coolant etc.)
  • Metal enclosure
  • Emergency stop