Little machine Shop 3990 Mill CNC Conversion Kit


  • A highly DIY-friendly CNC conversion kit
  • Mach 3 CNC control software for a featureful automation
  • Converts a tilting column LMS mill to a solid column version
  • All mechanical and electrical components are included
  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly conversion kit
  • The kit package also includes a base and column, fasteners, and a user guide

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The Little Machine Shop (LMS) Hi Torque 3990 mini mill is popular among hobbyists and professionals alike, and the LMS 3990 conversion kit is the best way to turn it into a CNC milling machine.

This little machine shop 3990 mill CNC conversion kit is simple to use, making it the go-to CNC machining solution for beginners and DIY enthusiasts.

Also, the kit includes a detailed user manual with a step-by-step CNC conversion guide. So you need not be a CNC expert to use this kit and convert your Little Machine Shop Hi Torque 3990 mini mill.

Powered by featureful Mach 3 software, the CNC conversion kit offers the most effective and efficient automated machining.

The little machine shop mill conversion kit package includes everything that you need during the conversion process, including mechanical and electrical components, fasteners, and more. And with the base and column provided in the kit package, you can even turn a tiling column LMS mini mill into a solid column milling machine.

Overall, the LMS mill machine CNC conversion kit is the perfect combination of high-performance and low-cost CNC milling.