Precision Matthews PM-25MV benchtop mill


Rapidly becoming a popular conversion candidate. The PM25mv Turn Key CNC machine is economically priced and is comparable to the Grizzly G0704. NEMA 34 stepper motors are used on all axis. Some minor modification required to the bottom side of the table to fit 16mm ball screws and nuts on the machine.

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PM25MV turn key CNC machine specifications: 

  • 1″ drilling capacity
  • 3/4″ end milling capacity
  • 2/1/2″ face milling capacity 
  • Standard brushless DC motor 
  • Belt drive head
  • 27-1/2″ x 7-1/8″ table size
  • 7″ cross travel on the Y axis 
  • 19″ longitudinal travel on the X axis 
  • 13″ vertical travel on the Z axis
  • 13″ distance between the table and spindle 
  • 2″ spindle travel
  • 10 TPI table leadscrew pitch 
  • .001″ table dial graduations
  • R-8 spindle taper
  • w/7/16-20 drawbar thread 
  • Variable speed range – 50 RPM to 2500 RPM 
  • 1 horsepower motor
  • 12mm T-slot
  • 90 degrees headstock tilt (in both left and right directions) 
  • 38-1/2″ machine height (with no stand)
  • 35-1/2″ mill stand height
  • 13-3/4″ x 16-3/4″ mill stand dimensions 
  • Approximate machine weight with base – 340 LBS
  • Approximate machine weight without base – 275 LBS 
  • 110/120V power requirement (compatible with standard residential configurations)

PM25MV benchtop mill package includes the following: 

  • Belt drive and DC motor 
  • Drawbar 
  • Spindle taper 
  • Quill DRO 
  • Chip tray 
  • A set of way cover
  • Wrench for spindle locking
  • NEMA 34 stepper mounts
  • 16mm ball screws and nuts
  • Double opposing ball nuts on X and Y axis to improve accuracy
  • Ball nut mounts
  • All new angular contact bearings
  • All required mounting hardware
  • Grease fittings on all bearings

Milling machine features: 

  • A standard 3-bolt head mount for stable milling operations
  • Z axis column is mounted from the top, and 4 bolts attach it to the base, bringing unmatched rigidity
  • Leadscrew ends have thirst bearings for minimal backlash and smooth milling
  • Both X and Y axis have split nuts to adjust backlash
  • 3-year inclusive warranty (most extensive in its class)


If you’re looking to buy a power-packed mill for a small to medium workshop, then the PM25MV turn key machine with CNC compatibility is something worth considering. 


The PM25MV benchtop mill is an improved version of earlier Precision Matthews mills with an entirely different casting and design. In fact, the new design allows you to accommodate larger and heavier workpieces despite the compact size of the machine. 


Talking about functionality and performance, the brushless DC motor, along with a flexibly designed belt drive, ensures quiet and smooth operations. Also, with a 2-step variable speed ranging between 50 and 2500 RPM, you can rest assured of dependable machining, notwithstanding the workpiece type. 


The Precision Matthews PM25MV benchtop mill is a solid machine with a large-sized column to base mount offering 4x additional work area. And together with its rigid 3 bolt head to column mount, this is the perfect machine to mill or shape heavy chunks of metals, among others. 


While the forward and reverse movements on this machine make it apt for tapping, the large dials make table movements precise and easy to read. 


Setting up and running the PM25MV mill is very user-friendly too, and you can set it up by following the user manual


Further, despite the fact that these are manual machines, their CNC compatibility means you can have features like automation with a PM25MV CNC conversion kit

Double opposing ball nuts