Precision Matthews PM-25M Conversion Kit


The PM25 mill is rapidly becoming a popular conversion candidate. This machine is economically priced and is comparable to the Grizzly G0704. The Precision Matthews pm25 Conversion Kit comes with NEMA 34 stepper on all axis. Some minor modification required to the bottom side of the table to fit 16mm ball screws and nuts on the machine.

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Precision Matthews PM-25 CNC Mill Conversion Kit Includes:


• NEMA 34 stepper mounts
• 16mm ball screws and nuts
• Double opposing ball nuts on X and Y axis to improve accuracy
• Ball nut mounts
• All new angular contact bearings
• All required mounting hardware
• Grease fittings on all bearings


The Precision Matthews PM-25MV benchtop mill is quickly becoming popular among mid-size milling machines, thanks to its high endurance and heavy machining capacity.  


To make this milling machine CNC capable, we have the Precision Matthews PM-25 CNC mill conversion kit. The PM-25 CNC conversion kit is the most cost-effective option among the mill CNC conversion kits of its category. 


Our PM-25 CNC conversion plans include double opposing ball nuts to increase efficiency and accuracy, just like its counterpart, the Precision Matthews PM-932M


Also, we provide the PM-25 mill CNC conversion kit with NEMA 34 stepper motor on all three axes. That enables smooth machining of even the toughest metals. 


The Precision Matthews CNC mill conversion kit is made from a T6061 aluminum billet. It is a true bolt-on package and requires no machining. It is very easy to install and uses linear contact roller bearings instead of thrust bearings for a smoother move.


The X-axis stepper on this milling machine can be conveniently mounted on either side of the table.


Overall, this DIY-friendly mill CNC conversion kit makes Precision Matthews CNC conversion easy.


Double opposing ball nuts