Precision Matthews PM-932M benchtop mill CNC Conversion Kit


Another mid-size benchtop mill. The base shown in the picture is optional. The precision pm932m benchtop conversion kit comes with NEMA 34 stepper motors and 16mm ball screws and nuts.

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Precision Matthews PM-932M Benchtop CNC Mill Conversion Kit Includes:


NEMA 34 stepper mounts
16mm ball screws and nuts
Double opposing ball nuts on X and Y axis to improve accuracy
Ball nut mounts
All new angular contact bearings
All required mounting hardware
Grease fittings on all bearings
Optional double opposing ball nuts on all axis


Our Precision Matthews PM-940M benchtop mill is a highly preferred milling machine in the mid-size machine category, thanks to its ease of running and low-maintenance features.


And to turn this incredible mill into a fully-fledged CNC milling machine, we have the Precision Matthews PM-932M benchtop CNC mill conversion kit. Our 932M benchtop mill conversion kit has all that it takes to automate the milling machine and bring about high-accuracy machining.


Our Precision PM-932M mill CNC conversion kit plans include double opposing ball nuts, just like its Grizzly G0704 counterpart. When installed on the ball screws, these double opposing nuts will double the accuracy of your machine and increase efficiency.


To enable high-precision machining even on the toughest materials, we provide NEMA 34 stepper motors, ball screws, and nuts in our 932M benchtop conversion kit.


The Precision Matthews PM-932M CNC mill conversion kit is the most cost-efficient of all conversion kits of its category, the reason why it is so much in demand.