WEN 33075 benchtop mill


The Wen 33075 Benchtop Mill is comparable to the PM-25 M and the Grizzly G0704 in size. However, due to the geometry of the column casting mounting the Z-axis stepper is a challenge. We used NEMA 34 steppers on the X and Y-axis. We mounted a NEMA 23 stepper on the column feed shaft that came with the machine and used the rack and pinion gearing to move the Z. To our surprise, it was very smooth and had very little backlash.

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WEN 33075 benchtop mill features: 

  • High variable speed ranging between 100 and 2000 RPM. 
  • A large-sized 27.6’ x 6.3’ work table to effectively machine large workpieces. 
  • LED monitor to display spindle speed during machining. 
  • A digital DRO depth gauge on the Z-axis reflects exact spindle movement.

Mill machine package includes the following: 

  • Pre-installed drill chuck 
  • R8 spindle taper 
  • Transparent chuck guard 
  • Emergency stop button
  • Handwheels for fine tune adjustment 
  • Measurement indicators 

Kit includes:

(3) NEMA 23 stepper motor mounts
(3) 16mm ball screw and nut assemblies
All new bearings
All new shaft connectors
All necessary mounting hardware


If there’s one small-sized mill that is capable of undertaking complex milling and drilling operations, it’s the WEN 33075 benchtop mill. 


Our WEN 33075 is an 11-AMP 120V single-phase compact mill that can fit in any space. 


Talking about operational capabilities, you can create highly accurate grooves and channels into both metallic and wooden workpieces. Also, thanks to its swing tool, you can easily machine your workpiece to create flat surfaces, edges, holes, slots, and more. 


With a powerful 11-AMP motor and a variable speed range of 100-2000 RPM, the mill offers 3/4-inch drilling, 2-inch face milling, and 5/8-inch end milling capability. 


To aid precision machining, our WEN 33075 milling machines are equipped with a digital DRO depth gauge to accurately show spindle travel on Z-axis. 


Notwithstanding their size, these are solid and heavy-duty machines offering stable machining on workpieces of all sizes and types. 


Further, these mills are easy to maintain and safe to operate. 


Although this is a manual turn key machine, you can have CNC machining capability after CNC conversion. And for that purpose, you can even find a WEN 33075 benchtop conversion kit