Grizzly G0704 benchtop mill


The Grizzly G0704 benchtop mill is a popular CNC conversion candidate and is a mid-size benchtop mill. The G0704 comes with a base as standard. It also comes with a digital display for RPMs and quill feed. Some modification to the table is required to fit the 16mm ball screws and nuts. NEMA 23 stepper motors can be used on the X and Y but we recommend a NEMA 34 on the Z due to the weight of the head.

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Grizzly G0704 benchtop mill specifications: 

  • 1 horsepower 110-volt motor (single phase)
  • 13″ distance between spindle and table 
  • 7-1/2″ distance between spindle and column 
  • 15″ swing
  • 2″ spindle travel
  • R-8 spindle taper
  • Variable speed – 50 to 2250 RPM
  • 90-degree tilt on the machine head (both left and right)
  • 11″ vertical head travel 
  • 7-1/16” x 26-5/8″ table size 
  • 6-7/8″ cross travel of the table 
  • 18-7/8″ longitudinal travel of the table
  • 3 T-slots
  • 5/8″ drilling capacity on steel
  • Milling machine dimensions – 38” x 34” x 67” 
  • Weight during shipping – 372 LBS (approximate)

G0704 milling machine features: 

  • A depth display for the spindle 
  • Spindle RPM DRO
  • Gearbox with a dual-speed feature 
  • Dovetail column made with cast iron 
  • The ways have rubber chip guard 
  • Dials with zero setting 
  • Switch for forward and reverse movements 
  • Emergency stop button 

Machine includes:

  • NEMA 34 stepper mounts
  • 16mm ball screws and nuts
  • Double opposing ball nuts on X and Y axis to improve accuracy
  • Ball nut mounts
  • All new angular contact bearings
  • All required mounting hardware
  • Grease fittings on all bearings


The Grizzly G0704 benchtop mill is one of those rare machines that are designed for professionals but are also apt for beginners and hobbyists. 


Despite being a single-use milling machine, the Grizzly G0704 mill offers some of the features seen only on large drill mills. And this allows smaller workshops to machine workpieces and create parts with quality similar to the larger players. 


Thanks to the large work table with dimensions measuring 7-1/16″ x 26-5/8″, you can machine huge pieces of steel and other metals in this mill. 


Also, there are handwheels that move the table in both cross and longitudinal directions and table lock levers to hold the table firmly in your desired direction. This ensures flexibility during operations, especially when it comes to machining complex pieces. 


Powered by a 1 horsepower motor, the Grizzly G0704 milling machine offers an impressive variable speed with 2-speed ranges. While on the lower range, this is between 50 and 1125 RPM, on the higher end, it’s between 100 and 2250 RPM. 


To improve machining accuracy, the mill has tapered gibs and double locks, among others. 


This is a manual machine compatible with CNC conversion. And with a Grizzly G0704 benchtop mill conversion kit, you can easily have the features of a top-notch CNC machine on your G0704 mill. 


Further, the machine also comes with a standard 1 year all-inclusive Grizzly warranty.