Grizzly G0704 CNC Conversion Made Easy: DIY Way to Convert Your Manual Milling Machine into CNC

The Grizzly G0704 is the best-selling milling machine in the country, thanks to its affordable price and unparalleled range of features.


It is easy to operate and even newbie machinists can use it to carry out various machining tasks. It is also a versatile and adaptable machine suitable for professional shops and dedicated production tasks.


The R8 spindle in the mill is powered by a variable speed 1 HP motor. The motor powers the spindle from 50-1125 RPM in the low and 100-2250 RPM in the high.


It also comes with a convenient digital readout, a chip guard on the spindle to keep the debris from flying to the operator, and tapered gibs with double locks for accuracy and precision.


With all these features, you would think the Grizzly G0704 is the perfect milling machine for you. But, there is still room for improvement. And the best way to make this mill better is to convert it into CNC using the Grizzly G0704 CNC conversion kit.

What is CNC Conversion?

CNC conversion is the process of integrating various parts and modules into a manual machine to automate it.


One can convert a machine into CNC using a DIY CNC conversion kit. CNC conversion kits come with a range of hardware components and motors to automate the movement of the machine.


CNC conversion kits also come with a new control unit, home and limit switches, and software to help you control the movement of the machine on various fronts.


Alright, now that we have understood what CNC conversion is, let’s take a look at how Grizzly G0704 conversion can be achieved.

The Right Way For Grizzly G0704 Conversion 

The Grizzly G0704 Benchtop Mill, as the name suggests, comes with a table. This table provides support and helps in the easy conversion of the mill.


Moreover, most parts of the Grizzly G0704 are straightforward, allowing for seamless conversion.


The Grizzly G0704 is also a popular contender for CNC conversion because it has a large work area and square vertical column, making it simple to integrate new hardware.


A Grizzly G0704 comes with three axes to cut metal: x, y, and z. The machine comes fitted with handwheels by the table and on the top to manually operate the three axes and produce modified objects.


Using a CNC conversion kit, you can add motors to these handles and automate the machine’s movements.


How do you control the motors? You use drivers. Drivers take impulses from the breakout board, which is sent from a computer to automate the movement of the machine.


So far, we have identified the essential things you need to convert your mill into a CNC machine. On the electronic side, you would need motors, drivers, and a breakout board.


On the non-electronic side, you would need mounts that put the motors, drivers, and breakout board to use.


You also need ball screws to replace the acme screws inside the machine that controls the motion of the table and the head.


Now that you have all the parts with you, it is time to take the machine apart.


First of all, you would need to take the head off the machine.


Start from the top and remove the parts of the machine where ball screws and mounts need to be installed.


Remove the components from the Z axes first and then move on to the X and Y axes.


Once you have removed the head and the three axes, you will have a bare naked machine ready to be integrated with new bits and pieces.


Now, you need to modify the Y-axis block to allow space for the X-axis ball nut.


The second permanent modification you need to make to the machine is to drill and tap the two holes that will hold the X-axes motor mount in place. 


Now, put the Y-axis ball screw into the G0704 milling machine, set the bearings into the Y-axis bearing block, and install the motor mount. Finally, mount the motor on the Y-axis.


Similarly, put the ball nut and table assembly for the X-axis into place and mount the motor on it.


Do the same with the Z-axis.


Lastly, put the head of the machine back to its place, and you have got yourself a motor-operated milling machine.


Now, all you need to do is put in the electronic parts that are going to be driving the machine.


Set the electronic components to work with the hardware, and your manual machine is now CNC.


Once you have converted your G0704 mill into CNC, use it to perform a simple machining task like cutting a circle in a metal plate. Make sure the machine is working accurately and is producing the result that you input into the software.


Converting your Grizzly G0704 Into CNC is a pretty quick and straightforward task. All you need to do is be careful about the parts you are using and make sure they are sturdy enough to carry out whatever kind of task you need to carry out.


CNC Conversion Plus provides the best conversion kits for Grizzly G0704 and a range of other machines. Our products are inexpensive, factory-certified, and allow you to convert your manual machines into CNC yourself.


We also provide quality electronic components to go with the hardware so you can start converting your machine without having to worry about missing parts.


Lastly, our DIY conversion kits come with a comprehensive installation guide to revert to whenever you are feeling stuck.


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