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Why Do You Need A CNC Conversion Kit For Your Milling Machine?

We’ve come a long way from room-sized machines, and today even the most complex machines are made in the most minimalistic and sleek ways. These machines have both gotten smaller and improved over the years. Lathes and mills have also changed, from giant and bulky to small and compact. You can still find room-sized machines in high-end production houses or large factories.
But even with the latest advancements in technology, most small mills and lathes are not CNC equipped. For most people, this isn’t a problem, but you should know that there are some things a small lathe simply isn’t capable of doing.
If you are thinking, “why not buy a CNC mill?” well, most machines are too large or too expensive. But, not all hope is lost as there is a convenient workaround available for machine enthusiasts and small shops who like to play around with machines – CNC milling machine conversion kit.
If you are still not sure about these kits and how do they work, then continue reading and find out yourself.

What is a CNC Conversion Kit?

A CNC conversion kit for an older mill includes a huge range of new components along with detailed instructions for installation. There will be shiny new hardware, including motors, to give the mill automated movement along the X, Y, and Z-axes. And that’s not all; you will also find a new control unit and software.

Important Parts of a CNC Conversion Kit

  • Limit switches

This prevents the machine from damaging itself by moving to the very extreme ends of any particular axes.

  • Motor control unit

Every conversion kit will be different from one another as most are designed to work with certain older machines and, in rare cases, with specific families of machines by a particular manufacturer.

Some conversion kits will be quite simple; all they will have will be the motors and other hardware required to make the machine CNC capable, while other conversion kits will be quite extensive. These will include packages with control units and specific programming software.

What to look for when shopping for a CNC Conversion kit?

You need to understand that the “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work when you are shopping, or a CNC conversion kit as every kit will be entirely different. Therefore it is essential that you pick the right machine for yourself and your needs.

How do Conversion kits work?

The design is simple yet effective, and that is what makes it unique. The conversion kits take advantage of the original mill’s existing layout, which means that they don’t add new axes of movements. The conversion kit will motorize the existing movements and allow pre-programmed movement. This will allow you to make the least changes to the machine, making most conversion a matter of mere hours not, days or weeks.

When you get your hands on the conversion kit, you’ll receive fresh hardware along with thorough instructions. Installing the conversion kit may require removing some of the components from your machine before installing the new ones. Most of the conversion kits that are sold are marketed as hobbyists or DIY-ers. Therefore, the instructions tend to be understandable and easy to follow.

Advantages of a CNC Conversion Milling Machine

Here are some advantages of buying a CNC Mill Conversion Kit.

Affordable upgrades

The single best advantage of a CNC conversion kit is that it offers a cost-effective means of upgrading old machinery. Conversion kits might differ in price, but they are usually less than half the price of a new CNC machine.

High-quality customization

Usually, an enthusiast will use a conversion kit along with his/her own tweaks. This can be a custom control module that is modified from an old computer, and there are still more upgrades to the machine itself apart from the ones that the conversion kit will do.

Enhanced production abilities

A CNC conversion kit will give you all the capabilities of a high-end functioning CNC machine. Automated production, custom part runs, along a high degree of precision are all possible with a CNC conversion kit.

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