PM25MV CNC conversion kit

The endless features of a PM25MV CNC conversion kit

There’s no match to a PM25MV CNC conversion kit in terms of machining features

The PM25MV milling machine and CNC conversion kit combo is the one-stop machining solution for hobbyists, beginners, and small workshops since this duo offers features to drastically scale workmanship. 

In fact, it is for this very reason that the PM-25MV benchtop mill is already a machine of choice among small and medium-scale machinists. 

You see, while the smaller machine shops mostly undertake less complex operations, that doesn’t mean they won’t require heavy machining capabilities at all. 

Similarly, you’ll agree when we say that competing with large-scale competitors calls for ramped-up capacity. 

But when it comes to heavier operations in a smaller workshop, there are two problems you’re most likely to be faced with, namely high machine cost and space constraints. And that’s exactly where a PM25MV turn-key machine comes to your rescue. 

A PM25MV mill features a compact size, offers a cost-efficient price, and provides you the ability to cut or drill heavy metal pieces with ease. 

Now, you might wonder, if the manual version of PM25MV is so effective, then why convert it to CNC at all? 

Also, what exactly are the features of a PM25V CNC conversion kit that makes it highly sought after? 

Let’s find out:

Why convert your PM25MV milling machine in the first place? 

Today, running a profitable machine shop entails a plethora of things: a loyal customer base, a commitment to quality, efficient work environment that amplifies both equipment usage and shop labor to boost productivity, accurate equipment that can perform every required task to machine cylinder blocks and heads, and skilled machinists who know what they’re doing.

So how does CNC machining fit into all of this?

Or, perhaps, you’re interested in a hobby that requires more complex machining than your manual hobby machine.

It’s true that a PM25MV benchtop mill has features not seen on most small-sized milling machines. However, CNC conversion brings its own benefits, including scalability, efficiency, safety, and more, which also applies to the PM25MV mills. 

Here’s why converting your PM25MV mill is indeed the best business decision: 

  1. You can use a manual PM25MV machine to create precise parts. But that calls for expertise, experience, and unmissed attention to the details. And that means attaining precision can be a hard bargain if you’re a beginner. Also, even if you’re a seasoned machinist, attaining high precision manually can be tiresome and time taking. On the contrary, CNC conversion brings effortless precision no matter how complex your project is.
  2. Although modern manual mills have upgraded their safety features, working on a CNC machine is safer than a manual machine. That’s because while you’ve to work very close to the cutting tools on a manual mill, you can control a CNC mill from a safe distance. And this significantly reduces the chances of accidents and mishaps. 
  3. A CNC milling machine produces parts way more quickly than a manual mill, as there’s no direct human involvement, and machining operations are controlled by computer programs. The result: you can produce larger quantities at the same time. 
  4. One major problem with manual machining is waste generation, something that reduces your efficiency as well as profits. Thankfully, with CNC machines, the wastage is minimal, and most of the workpiece is put to use. 

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The features of a PM25MV CNC conversion kit

By using the premium PM25MV CNC conversion kit, you can easily convert your milling machine into a CNC workhorse.

This kit is entirely bolt-on, enabling you to convert your machine to CNC in just a few hours using basic hand tools. Currently, this is the most compact kit available.

Unlike other conversion kits, the stepper motors don’t hang out as far out, guaranteeing a better total machine footprint.

This reduces the required cost and size of a potential future enclose project. This kit has the following features:

  • Head column cover plate with oil pump access
  • High-quality C7 balls, screws, and nuts
  • More than 50 high-quality stainless steel head screws included for stepper motor mounting and assembly
  • Nema 23 stepper motor mount on X/Y axis with 1/4″ stepper motor shaft standard couplers. This kit may also be supplied with couplers for 3/8″ stepper motor shafts.
  • Nema 34 stepper motor mount on Z-axis with 1/2″ motor shaft coupler.
  • No cutting, tapping, or drilling of machine castings required.
  • Sealed angular contact, instead of sealed deep-groove bearings, for less backlash and greater rigidity.
  • Top-notch corrosion-resistant 6061 spacers, bearing blocks, and aluminum motor mounts

So what do these features mean in terms of actual machining? 

Talking about the effects that PM25MV CNC conversion kit features have on machining, you can expect improved stability, increased speed, and better accuracy, among a host of other enhancements. 

Let’s understand what PM25MV CNC conversion brings about in detail: 

  • First, the conversion kit package includes certified NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 stepper motor mounts for the X/Y-axis and Z-axis, respectively. And these motor mounts have a proven track record of high accuracy across CNC mills of all types and sizes. That means you can rest assured of the highest machining accuracy post mill CNC conversion
  • Second, the kit comes with a high-torque stepper motor, along with a motor driver and kit. This ensures you can machine the toughest of workpieces smoothly and with zero stalling. 
  • Third, the head screws to mount the stepper motor features a solid steel finish and are included in the conversion kit package. Meaning with the stepper motor held firmly in place, there will be the least vibrations during machining operations.
  • Fourth and one of the most sought features of the PM25MV CNC conversion kit is its ability to convert a mill without any cut or drill. As such, you don’t need any expert assistance and can easily convert your mill to CNC by yourself. 

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PM25MV CNC conversion kit: frequently asked questions

Can you use a PM25MV kit for DIY CNC conversion? 

Certainly yes. 

In fact, these CNC kit models are arguably the most DIY friendly in their class. Also, since no wear and tear is involved in CNC conversion, the entire process is easy and straightforward. 

So, even if you’re a beginner-level machinist, you can convert a PM25MV milling machine to CNC. 

Not to mention, there are online tutorials readily available to guide you through every step of CNC conversion. 

Is the PM25MV CNC conversion kit cost-efficient? 

Yes, it is. 

A PM25MV CNC conversion kit is among the most affordable CNC kits on the market. So much so that you can get a PM25MV kit for $1000 or less. 

Also, the low cost of the conversion kit makes the CNC conversion process very budget-friendly. 

Wrapping it up

As you can see, a PM25MV CNC conversion kit is indeed loaded with features that very few conversion kits can offer. 

Moreover, take into account the cost-efficient nature of these kits, and there’s no comparison to them. 

Want one such kit for your machine shop? 

You can reach out to us!

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So what are you waiting for? 

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Note: Some of our customers have shown interest in a double-ball nut version of this kit. This version may potentially reduce backlash, but it usually comes at the expense of reduced travel. If this option fascinates you, let us know.

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