The endless features of a PM25MV CNC conversion kit

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]Today, running a profitable machine shop entails a plethora of things: a loyal customer base, a commitment to quality, efficient work environment that amplifies both equipment usage and shop labor to boost productivity, accurate equipment that can perform every required task to machine cylinder blocks and heads, and skilled machinists who know what they’re doing. So how does CNC machining fit into all of this? Or, perhaps, you’re interested in a hobby that requires more complex machining than your manual hobby machine.

The features of a PM25MV CNC conversion kit

By using the premium PM25MV CNC conversion kit, you can easily convert your milling machine into a CNC workhorse. This kit is entirely bolt-on, enabling you to convert your machine to CNC in just a few hours using basic hand tools. Currently, this is the most compact kit available. Unlike other conversion kits, the stepper motors don’t hang out as far out, guaranteeing a better total machine footprint. This reduces the required cost and size of a potential future enclose project. This kit has the following features:

  • Head column cover plate with oil pump access
  • High-quality C7 balls, screws, and nuts
  • More than 50 high-quality stainless steel head screws included for stepper motor mounting and assembly
  • Nema 23 stepper motor mount on X/Y axis with 1/4″ stepper motor shaft standard couplers. This kit may also be supplied with couplers for 3/8″ stepper motor shafts.
  • Nema 34 stepper motor mount on Z-axis with 1/2″ motor shaft coupler.
  • No cutting, tapping, or drilling of machine castings required.
  • Sealed angular contact, instead of sealed deep-groove bearings, for less backlash and greater rigidity.
  • Top-notch corrosion-resistant 6061 spacers, bearing blocks, and aluminum motor mounts

Order your kit today now from CNC Conversion Plus and build something great.

Note: Some of our customers have shown interest in a double-ball nut version of this kit. This version may potentially reduce backlash, but it usually comes at the expense of reduced travel. If this option fascinates you, let us know.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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