Sieg X2P (European Model)

The Siegx2p European Model machine is also built at the China facility that produces the other Sieg-style machines but to European specifications. Although it can be converted to CNC, it uses smaller ball screws on the X and Y due to casting constraints and some modification to the machine is required.

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The CNC Conversions Plus Sieg X2D kit is the only true “bolt-on” kit on the market. You needn’t drill any additional holes or enlarge existing holes. All bearings (where possible) have grease fittings. The Z axis mounts to the center of the head placing the center of gravity where it belongs, in the center. This greatly reduces drag on the Z axis stepper motor and eliminates stalling.

The conversion kit includes:

(3) NEMA 23 stepper motor mounts

(3) All new ball screws and nuts custom machined

(3) All new shaft connectors

All new thrust and tapered roller bearings

All the necessary hardware to assemble to your machine