Shop Fox M1099 benchtop lathe

Another good candidate for converting to CNC. This machine is sold by Grizzly and Shop Fox. The M1099 lathe conversion kit helps you transform your old machine into CNC yourself. The kit comes with easy to follow DIY guide, using which you can convert your old machine into CNC.

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Shop Fox M1099 benchtop lathe specifications: 

  • 1 HP 110V single-phase motor
  • High variable speed with 6-speed ranges between 150 and 2400 RPM
  • 9-5/8″ swing over bed
  • 6-1/8″ swing over slide
  • 6-3/8″ swing over saddle 
  • 22-1/2″ carriage travel 
  • 6-1/2″ cross-slide travel 
  • 3-1/2″ compound travel
  • 1″ spindle bore 
  • 1-3/4″ x 8 TPI spindle thread 
  • 6-1/8″ bed width
  • MT #4 spindle taper 
  • MT #3 tailstock barrel taper 
  • 2-1/2″ tailstock barrel travel 
  • 3/4 “-12 TPI leadscrew
  • Lathe size: 50” x 32” x 16-5/8″ 
  • Weight (overall shipment): 475 lbs

Lathe package includes the following: 

  • A 3-jaw chuck (5″) and two jaw sets
  • A 4-jaw chuck (6-1/2″) and reversible jaws
  • Steady and follow rest
  • 4-way tool post
  • Faceplate (8″)
  • A toolbox with kits 

Kit includes:

(2) NEMA 23 stepper motor mounts
(2) 16mm ball screw and nut assemblies
All new bearings
All new shaft connectors
All required mounting hardware


The Shop Fox M1099 benchtop lathe has all the capabilities of a large-sized lathe, despite being in the category of medium lathe machines. As such, in terms of performance, you can expect nothing less than industrial-grade turning. 


Here’s more to this lathe: 

Large lathe size

Compared to lathe machines of its class, the M1099 benchtop lathe is relatively large, with a size of 10 inches x 2 inches. And this makes changing thread selections simple and fast. 


While other lathes require you to swap change gears for any given thread selection, that’s not the case with this lathe. You can simply go through the thread chart and complete thread change by rotating the numeric and alpha dials on the lathe’s gearbox. 

Precision machining

The Shop Fox M1099 lathe has everything that you need for high-accuracy turning. That includes a variety of chucks, steady rest, faceplates for extensive stock, and more. 


The lathe features a 3-jaw scroll chuck for automated workpiece centering. Also, it has solid steel jaws on the outside to firmly hold your piece. 


An additional jaw set is also provided with the lathe to aid efficient machining on large parts, so you need not buy one separately. 


Further, a 4-jaw chuck along with hardened steel jaws is part of the lathe package. You can adjust and clamp these to the center of workpieces of all shapes. 

6-speed range 

Another remarkable feature of the M1099 lathe is its high variable speed with impressive 6-speed ranges of 150, 300, 560, 720, 1200, and 2400 RPM. 

CNC capable 

The fact that Shop Fox M099 lathes are available as manual turn key machines don’t mean you can’t have CNC machining on these. That’s because an M1099 benchtop lathe conversion kit is all you need to turn this machine into a fully-fledged CNC lathe.  

2-year warranty 

Each of the M1099 benchtop lathe machine units is covered by a 2-year long warranty.