Shop Fox M1099 benchtop lathe Conversion Kit


Another good candidate for converting to CNC. This machine is sold by Grizzly and Shop Fox. With m1099 benchtop lathe conversion kit, you can take this machine to new levels of accuracy, power, and performance.

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M1099 Benchtop Lathe Conversion Kit includes:


(2) NEMA 23 stepper motor mounts
(2) 16mm ball screw and nut assemblies
All new bearings
New shaft connectors
All required mounting hardware


Our M1099 benchtop lathe is a large-sized lathe machine meant for machining huge workpieces. And what makes the M1099 benchtop unique is the ease it offers when machining large pieces, something unseen in lathes of its category.


To make this machine CNC capable, we have the Shop Fox M1099 benchtop lathe CNC conversion kit.


Our M1099 CNC conversion package has everything you need for effective CNC machining, including stepper motor mounts, ball screws and nuts, mounting hardware, bearings, and shaft connectors.


The M1099 benchtop lathe has a 6-speed feature, with an adjustable spindle speed between 150 and 2400 RPM. With CNC lathe conversion, you can simply pre-program the spindle speed as per your workpiece requirements instead of manually adjusting the RPM feed.


As a DIY CNC lathe kit, the M1099 benchtop lathe is simple to use. So you can convert your machine to a benchtop CNC lathe with one such CNC mini lathe conversion kit by simply following the user guide. 


The M1099 CNC lathe conversion kit is one of our most sought-after products, thanks to its budget-friendly pricing and DIY-friendly features.