Precision Matthews PM-940M benchtop mill

One of the larger mills offered by Precision Matthews. It comes with a base and is a heavy duty milling machine. Although called a “benchtop” mill, it is quite heavy and would require a large, very sturdy benchtop to sit on. This conversion kit comes with NEMA 34 stepper mounts. The Precision Matthews pm727m benchtop mill is best suited for small-scale and hobby machining needs. You can convert this machine to CNC using our conversion kits.

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Precision Matthews PM-940M benchtop mill specifications: 

  • Powerful 2 HP motor 
  • Large 9-1/2″x40” worktable 
  • The table can handle a centered load of up to 400 lbs
  • 3 table slots with each T-slot sized 14mm / 9/16”  
  • 35” surface height of the table from the floor
  • X-axis travel of table: 26” by power feed and 28” by hand
  • Approximate base dimension: 18-1/2″W x 27”D
  • 12” Y axis cross travel 
  • 20” vertical head travel 
  • 5” spindle travel
  • Distance of up to 22” between spindle and table  
  • 82” work height ceiling (including base) 
  • 85” height with the machine head positioned upwards 
  • 24” stand height 
  • 10TPI inch pitch acme lead screw (for X and Y axis)
  • R-8 spindle taper 
  • 7/16-20 drawbar thread 
  • Approximate quill diameter: 3” 
  • 90 degrees head swivel (side to side) 
  • Approximate weight during shipping: 1350 lbs 
  • Power: 220 V 10 AMP single-phase supply 


NEMA 34 stepper mounts
16mm ball screws and nuts
Double opposing ball nuts on X and Y axis to improve accuracy
Ball nut mounts
All new angular contact bearings
All required mounting hardware
Grease fittings on all bearings
Optional double opposing ball nuts on all axis


The PM-940M benchtop mill from Precision Matthews is designed for heavy milling operations in just about any workshop. 


This is a highly rigid machine weighing over 1300 lbs and has a solid base that allows you to handle heavy workpieces with ease. So no matter the weight and type of material, you can make precise cuts effortlessly. 


The best thing about this Precision Matthews milling machine is that it is simple to handle despite its heavy weight. In fact, the entire machine package is shipped to you in just two pieces, i.e., the mill and its base, making it super easy to assemble. You can have this mill up and running by following the manufacturer-provided user manual


The PM-940M mills are simply the best in their class in terms of workpiece sizes they can handle. So much so that they can accommodate larger workpieces than most full-size knee mills. 


You see, these machines have large travel, 12” on the Y axis, 26” on the X axis, and 20” on the Z axis. This creates sufficient room for machining large-sized pieces.


Also, these mills have an option of power down feed which makes the spindle apt for boring operations. 


Like all Precision Matthews mills, PM-940M also has a heavy cast iron finish that minimizes vibrations during machining. 


While these are manual turn key machines, you can enable CNC machining features with a Precision Matthews conversion kit


With three years of all-inclusive warranty coverage, the PM-940M mills have the longest warranty cover in their category.