Grizzly G9972Z benchtop lathe

This is a great candidate for converting to CNC and is a mid-size benchtop lathe. We recommend a NEMA 34 stepper on the Z for drilling. However, if drilling is not a major concern, a NEMA 23 can be used. The Grizzly g9972z benchtop lathe can be easily converted into CNC using our conversion kit.

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Grizzly G9972Z benchtop lathe specifications: 

  • 1 HP 110V single-phase motor 
  • An impressive 150-2400 RPM variable speed (6-speed ranges) 
  • 25mm spindle bore
  • 10-1/2″ swing over bed
  • 6-3/8″ swing over cross slide 
  • 26″ DBC or distance between centers 
  • 3/4″ x 8 TPI spindle thread 
  • MT #4 spindle nose taper 
  • MT #3 tailstock barrel taper 
  • 24, 8-56 TPI inch thread range
  • 10, 0.5-3.0mm metric thread range 
  • 2-1/2″ tailstock barrel travel
  • Up to 1/2″ tool size 
  • 23″ carriage travel 
  • 7″ cross slide travel 
  • 3-1/2″ compound travel 
  • Lathe size: 51” x 23” x 19” 
  • Approximate weight of overall shipment: 560 lbs

The G9972Z lathe package includes: 

  • 3-jaw chuck (5″) along with two jaw sets
  • 4-jaw chuck (6-1/2″) along with reversible jaws
  • 4-way tool post
  • Follow rest
  • Steady rest 
  • Change gears 
  • Dead centers: MT#3 & MT#4
  • Faceplate (8″) 
  • Toolbox with toolkits 

Kit includes:

(2) NEMA 23 stepper motor mounts
(2) 16mm ball screw and nut assemblies
All new bearings
All new shaft connectors
All required mounting hardware

Machine features: 

  • Simple to use control panel 
  • A long lathe bed with an impressive distance between centers 
  • Chip tray to accumulate chips and reduce maintenance 
  • Splash guard for increased safety
  • Emergency stop button 


The Grizzly G9972Z benchtop lathe is the perfect machine for small to medium-scale tasks. 


To be precise, you can undertake all such turning operations that need a up to 10-1/2″ swing, 26″ DBC, and 25mm spindle bore. And this makes the G9972Z lathe a go-to machine for hobby machinists, beginners, small workshop owners, and everyone else who needs light-duty machining. 


The manufacturers of the G9972Z lathe created the machine with metal stocks in mind, with the idea of creating concentric cuts. As such, you can take a round stock and make it concentric with high precision. 


Nevertheless, the practical scope of this lathe is much wider, as it allows you to do threading, knurling, boring, drilling, tapering, and more. 


Further, you can even take a square stock and turn it into a highly accurate round shaft. 


With an optional cabinet stand, you can make the lathe base more stable for complex turning. 


Although the G9972Z is a manual turn key lathe, with a lathe CNC conversion kit, you can easily turn it into a CNC lathe. In fact, Grizzly lathe conversion kit packages are readily available on the market for this purpose. 


Not to mention, we can customize this lathe to match your requirements and ship it to just about any location in the country. 


All parts of this lathe are covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.