8 X 22 benchtop mini lathe CNC Conversion Kit


This machine use to be sold by Harbor Freight who has discontinued selling this machine but can be purchased from other suppliers. It too is a good candidate for converting to CNC. With our 8 X 22 benchtop lathe Conversion Kit, you can transform this machine into a powerful computer-operated machine that will make machining easier for you.

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8 X 22 Benchtop Mini Lathe CNC Conversion Kit includes:


(2) NEMA 23 stepper motor mounts
(2) 16mm ball screw and nut assemblies
All new bearings
New shaft connectors
All required mounting hardware


The 8 X 22 benchtop lathe is popular among mid-sized machine shops for its compact design and high-quality workpieces. If you have space constraints or your machine shop is based in your home, then the 8 X 22 benchtop lathe is ideal for your needs. 


To convert this machine to CNC, we have the 8 X 22 benchtop mini lathe CNC conversion kit. As a cost-efficient and DIY-friendly solution, this kit is apt for CNC lathe conversion


While an 8 X 22 benchtop lathe is known for its high-precision machining, with CNC conversion, you will attain unmatched accuracy on this machine.


Also, what makes this CNC conversion kit unique is the fact that you can program and run the machine at two different speeds, depending upon your machining requirements. 


In terms of safety, both the benchtop lathe and the CNC conversion kit are ETL listed, and have been tested for compliance with the highest safety standards. 


The 8 X 22 CNC lathe conversion kit is also ideal for DIY conversions; all you’ll need to do is follow our user manual.