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5 Best CNC Cabinet Machines In 2023

CNC cabinet machines are the top sellers among automated woodworking machinery

If you’ve been in the woodworking industry for some time, you’d have surely noticed an uptick in the number of workshops installing CNC cabinet machines. 


And this trend is likely to grow with an uptick in construction and the smaller workshops looking to take advantage of automation and compete with established manufacturers.  


You see, cabinet making used to be a challenging task for smaller woodworking shops. That’s because creating precise sizes and complex patterns was hard to achieve manually, apart from the high cost of large cabinet routers. 


Nevertheless, a whole new range of cabinet making CNC machine series is now available on the market. And not only are these machines affordable, but they are also simple to set up and use. 


Wondering how to buy the best of such cabinet making machines? 


We’ve compiled a complete list of top-performing CNC cabinet routers across all budgets after a thorough review. So read on and find the ideal cabinet machine for your workshop. 

#1. SmartShop Auto Loader (best CNC cabinet machines for large workpieces) 

 SmartShop Auto Loader CNC cabinet machines

The SmartShop Auto Loader CNC machines are among the featured products of Laguna Tools, a leader in the woodworking industry. And if you’re on the lookout for something that can effectively machine large pieces of cabinetry in the most proficient way, then this cabinet router is worth considering. 


Let’s begin with the highlight of the machine, which is an automatic loader, the first time on a cabinet machine that seeks to maximize the output of machine shops. 


As the name suggests, SmartShop Auto Loader is powered by an automatic lift table that loads workpieces on the CNC router and feeds them into the machine for further processing. 


Upon completion of the program cycle, the cabinet machine moves the finished piece from the router table to an offload table through a conveyor. And this is followed by the router’s ‘Clean Sweep Technology’ that clears all the debris and prepares the machine for the next workpiece. 


Now, that sounds like a next-gen machine, doesn’t it? 


Coming to other machine features, it’s hard to ignore the large table size that allows you to create cabinetry of all sizes. 


Like all SmartShop series machines, the Auto Loader too offers two standard work table sizes, 4’ x 8’ and 5’ x 10’, respectively. And this is apt for machining anywhere from a small wood piece to a large wood plank. 


Similarly, the cabinet machine also features a 12HP HSD spindle that offers an extensive range of operating speed and torque for all wood varieties. 


Also, factor in the 8-position rotary tool changer and 850-watt Yaskawa servos, and you have the most effective CNC router machine. 

#2. Custom built CNC routers (perfect way to source a personalized cabinet machine)  

Custom built CNC routers

You’ll agree when we say that a one-size fits all approach doesn’t apply in the world of machining. After all, the niches of machinists differ, and so does the specialization of workshops. 


But what if we said that you could get your cabinet making CNC machine custom made? 


Yes, that’s possible.


While renowned machine making brands like Grizzly, Laguna Tools, Little Machine Shop, etc., offer customization options, they don’t custom build your machine from scratch. 


Nonetheless, you can still get machines, including cabinet makers, built to your precise requirements and delivered to your workshop. 


Take, for instance, our own custom built CNC routers that we design exactly to your size and machining specifications. 


Herein, you can tell us about your work criteria, such as the kind of cabinets you intend on making, their overall size, your ideal motor and spindle, CNC software, etc. And we will build you a solid CNC cabinet machine using top-notch materials exactly the way you want it. 

#3. Artisan 408 CNC routers (cost-efficient industrial-scale cabinet machines) 

Artisan 408 CNC routers

As a cost-efficient counterpart to the SmartShop Auto Loader, we have Artisan 408 router machines. 


You see, despite the technological and machining edge that the Auto Loader cabinet makers offer, they are quite expensive upfront. As such, they’re out of reach for a lot of machine shop owners either looking to enter the cabinet making industry or scale their production. 


The Artisan 408 CNC router machines fill this void by offering a truly industrial-grade machining capability on a budget. 


To begin with, the router lets you machine cabinets with dimensions up to 4’ x 8’, along with a 12” gantry clearance. And this is very similar to the SmartShop Auto Loader machines with a 4’ x 8’ work table size. 


Although Artisan 408 lacks the 5’ x 10’ table like some of its Auto Loader counterparts, its work area is still large enough for vast cabinetry pieces. 


Further, standing true to its promise of industrial-grade machining, this router comes with an integrated ER collet system for tool holding. And with this system, your CNC machine can easily switch between a range of tools and shafts, thus ensuring quicker and more accurate machining. 


One of the best things about this CNC router machine for cabinet making is its Windows-based CNC controller that makes programming and operations super easy. So you can control the basic CNC machining tasks even with beginner-level skills and knowledge. 


In short, this is a robust CNC machine for large-scale cabinet making that also offers value for money. 

#4. ATC CNC cabinet router (apt for high-speed machining) 

ATC CNC cabinet router

Are you on the lookout for cabinet machines with exceptional spindle speed? 


If yes, then the CNC cabinet routers from ATC are something you should look into. 


The spotlight of this machine is its high-frequency 12HP spindle that offers you an impressive cutting speed. And along with its rotary tool magazine that ensures a quick tool change, you can cut through and shape cabinetry pieces quickly. 


Another impressive feature of this cabinet CNC machine is the highly stable nature of operations, thanks to its tubular steel gantry and reinforcing ribs. Meaning you can expect nothing short of the highest workmanship and top-notch precision. 


The ATC CNC cabinet routers are powered by Syntec CNC controller, which is one of the most user-friendly routers on the market. 


Also, the controller is compatible with all kinds of CNC operations. Meaning you can program it for just about any machining requirement, including a full range of cabinetry. 


This CNC cabinet machine uses a gear rack drive system, wherein the rack mounting is inverted. And not only does this bring about smooth machining, but it also increases the longevity of the machine and reduces the need for frequent maintenance.


The best thing: it is affordable upfront and costs little to keep it functioning for decades. 

#5. SmartShop Elite cabinet routers (a reliable machine for scaling production) 

SmartShop Elite cabinet routers from Laguna Tools

CNC cabinet machines from Laguna Tools are so popular that they’re hard to ignore despite their high price tag. And SmartShop Elite is one of those machines. 


Priced significantly lower than Auto Loader, SmartShop Elite offers many of the former’s features, thus making it the go-to machine for such workshops that are looking to scale their business. 


For instance, just like the Auto Loader, SmartShop Elite is also available in two work table variants, i.e., 4’ x 8’ and 5’ x 10’. Meaning you can start machining much larger cabinetry, expanding the inventory of your shop. 


Similarly, these cabinet making machines also come with a 12HP HSD spindle with variable speeds ranging between 5000 and 24000 RPM. So when it comes to high-speed operations, you can rely on them over any other machine in this class. 


Talking about the controller, this machine is run by a unique CNC control developed jointly by Laguna Tools and FANUC, a Japanese automation giant. And the fact that the control is designed specifically for the SmartShop series machines means you can rest assured of a top-of-the-line control that helps you create perfect finishes. 


The machine is built in a heavy-duty steel frame that keeps your operations stable even when you undertake industrial-grade operations, something crucial for a medium-sized workshop looking to scale. 


Overall, it is a worthwhile investment in CNC for cabinet making. 

CNC cabinet machines: frequently asked questions

What is a CNC cabinet machine? 

A CNC cabinet machine is essentially a CNC router that specializes in cabinet making. As such, you can think of it as any other automated router but with special tools for cutting, drilling, carving, and engraving wood cabinetry pieces. 


Also, unlike other routers machines that have regular-sized work tables, cabinet machines have large work tables to accommodate the huge pieces of wood planks for cabinet making. 

What is a cabinet making CNC machine used for? 

As you can figure out from the name, a CNC cabinet machine is used for making an extensive range of cabinets, from cabinet doors to wall cabinets to base cabinets and more. 


In fact, cabinet making machines can also be used for machining workpieces other than cabinetry but of similar dimensions. 


Here are some cabinet types that you can make with a CNC cabinet machine: 


#1. Cabinet doors (popularly used in almost every interior space)


#2. Wall cabinets (used in kitchens, among other indoor furnishings)


#3. Base cabinets (built-in kitchens, bathrooms, etc.)


#4. Drawer box cabinets (the regular drawers in tables, beds, wardrobes, etc.)

How much does a CNC router machine for cabinet making cost? 

Generally speaking, a CNC router can cost you anywhere between $1,000 and upward of $100,000. 


Talking about cabinetry making CNC machines, you can expect to pay anywhere between $10,000 and upward of $120,000, depending on the type of machine you buy. 


For instance, a top-notch industrial-grade CNC machine from a manufacturer like Lauga Tools even can cost you more than $100,000. 


However, you can easily get a mid-range custom-built CNC cabinet machine for a little over $10,000. 

Bonus: convert a manual cabinet machine to CNC affordably with a conversion kit

Do you already own a manually controlled cabinet machine? 


If so, you can easily convert it to CNC, that too on a shoestring budget, with a CNC conversion kit


Not to mention, the quality of CNC machine cabinets on a post-conversion cabinet machine will be as good as on a brand-new CNC cabinet machine. 


That’s awesome, isn’t it? 


As you can see, CNC cabinet machines are a complicated lot, just like the different kinds of cabinets.


And while picking the perfect cabinet machine isn’t easy at all, we hope our list of cabinet machines will help you pick the ideal machine for your workshop. 


Looking to get your CNC cabinet router built from scratch up or get your existing machine converted to CNC? 


You can reach out to us!


At CNC Conversion Plus, we have a wide range of CNC conversion kits from leading manufacturers. Also, we have a seasoned team of machinists with decades of experience in machine building. 


So wherever is your machining requirement, we have got you covered. 


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