Little Machine Shop Hi Torque 3990 Milling Machine

Why Your Mini Mill Needs A Little Machine Shop Hi Torque 3990 Milling Machine? 

Did you know that the Hi Torque 3990 from Little Machine Shop is the sturdiest mini mill? 

If there’s one mini mill capable of both light and heavy-duty operations, it’s the Little Machine Shop Hi Torque 3990 milling machine. So it isn’t surprising that the mill machine is highly sought after by machinists of all kinds, from beginners to hobbyists to professionals. 


You see, with technological advancements, milling machines are no longer what they used to be in their heyday. 


However, machining and workpiece requirements too have become more complex over time. And to that end, high-performance machines have become a prerequisite. 


In fact, modern day parts production is all about precision, accuracy, efficiency, and speed, which is the reason why workshops are actively looking to buy a machine with these features. 


But you’ll agree when we say that buying such a machine isn’t an easy task. On the contrary, choosing a machine for your workshop can be a tedious process since all manufacturers label their mills as highly featureful. 


Nevertheless, the Little Machine Shop Hi Torque 3990 mini mill is clearly an outlier, as it has handy machining features for just about everyone. Also, you can have the features of a CNC milling machine with an LMS 3990 mill CNC conversion kit


Wondering what’s more to this mill machine? 


Let’s have a look up close. 

#1. The LMS 3990 mini mill is easy-to-use

Little Machine Shop Hi Torque 3990 Milling Machine

What distinguishes the LMS 3990 mini mill machine from other mills of its class is the fact that it is very simple to operate. Meaning, you can use the machine even if you are a beginner with little or zero know-how of milling machines. 


It’s true that operating a milling machine is difficult, more so if you’re beginning with it. That’s because you’ve to get acquainted with the complex machine components and do some trial and error before you become proficient at milling. 


And while it also holds for the Hi Torque 3990 mill machine from Little Machine Shop, its detailed user manual makes it much easier for first time users. 


How exactly does that make a difference, you may ask? 


Well, the user manual from Little Machine Shop provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to exactly use the milling machine, along with beginner-friendly instructions. So you can have the machine up and running by simply following the user guide. 


Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? 

#2. The Little Machine Shop Hi Torque 3990 is the most powerful mini mill

When we talk about machining workpieces on a mini mill, you’ll surely think about softer materials like mild or unhardened steel, aluminum, etc. And rightly so, since most mini mills on the market, notwithstanding their build quality, are apt only for softer metals. 


But how about a medium-sized mill that lets you machine the hardest of metals? 


Yes, it’s possible. 


The Hi Torque 3990 mini mill from Little Machine Shop is one such milling machine that you can use to cut and shape hard metals, including toughened steel. 


You see, the problem of milling machines not generating enough power is common across mini mills. And the fact that a mini mill is a low-power machine makes it suitable only for softer objects. 


Nonetheless, that’s not the case with the LMS Hi Torque 3990 mini mill, as it is equipped with a powerful 500 Watt motor. It is this high power brushless spindle drive motor that generates huge low-level torque, providing the mill with enormous power. 


Also, the motor has an extensive variable speed range starting from 100 RPM and going up to 2500 RPM. So whatever is your required machining speed, this mill has got you covered. 


Want more? 


The LMS milling machine package includes high-end cutting tools to help you cut through the toughest of materials with ease. And, together with a powerful motor, that’s the best combination you can get for heavy-duty machining. 

#3. Quiet machining with LMS mini mill

Little Machine Shop Hi Torque 3990 Milling Machine

We asked machinists about the biggest pain points with their machines, and most of them agreed that the noise during machining is a huge problem. And they’re right, as milling machines can produce noise up to 134 decibels. 


Exposure to noise this loud for prolonged periods can be not only disturbing and irritating but also carries potential dangers. That’s because being exposed to any noise above 85 decibels can result in permanent hearing loss. 


As a machinist, the dangers of loud noise are more real for you since you’ve got to work close to the milling machine. 


So what’s the solution, you might wonder. After all, mills and lathes are noisy by design, given their highly powerful motors produce a lot of sounds. 


Well, the concept of a powerful motor producing noise during machining doesn’t apply to the Hi Torque 3990 mini mill from Little Machine Shop. 


In fact, with a gearless motor and a design meant to suppress noise during milling, this mini mill from LMS is one of the quietest milling machines. So the next time you’re machining a workpiece, you can do so in silence. 


Amazing, right? 

#4. CNC machining is possible with a Little Machine Shop 3990 mill conversion kit

Nothing beats the level of accuracy and high precision that a CNC milling machine offers. And towards that end, the Little Machine Shop Hi Torque 3990 mini mill offers you easy CNC conversion


So all you’ll need to have CNC machining capability on your mill is a Little Machine Shop 3990 mill CNC conversion kit


The LMS CNC conversion kit itself is highly DIY-friendly and comes with a step-by-step CNC conversion guide, meaning you need not invest in getting your mill converted. 


Also, the kit package comes with all the necessary mechanical and electrical components needed for CNC conversion. 


Talking about the CNC features that the conversion kit brings along, it includes the Mach 3 CNC software. And since this is a highly effective and equally efficient CNC software, you can rely on it for the most sophisticated automated machining operations. 


What about the cost of CNC conversion, you may ask? 


Compared to conversion kits of a similar class, the LMS 3990 mill CNC conversion kit is truly the most cost-efficient. So much so that you can get one such conversion kit for $850 or even less during a sale. On the contrary, a fully-fledged CNC milling machine can cost you upward of $10,000. 


That’s quite a bargain, isn’t it? 

#5. The Little Machine Shop Hi Torque 3990 mini mill offers 50 percent more table area 

Little Machine Shop Hi Torque 3990 Milling Machine

Among the many limitations of a medium-sized mill is its inability to machine large workpieces. That’s because, with a small worktable and compact components, these machines are designed to process smaller parts. 


However, for a small workshop, even a slight increase in machining capability can give a big boost to the business. 




Since machine shops are able to process parts of different sizes, they are more likely to get more work. 


And in case you’re wondering which mini mill can offer you the same, it’s none but the Little Machine Shop Hi Torque 3990 milling machine. 


You see, the LMS 3990 mini mill has a huge worktable, offering a 50 percent larger table area than mills of similar size. That means there’s a larger range of workpiece sizes you can machine in your workshop. 


Further, with the high-endurance of a powerful motor and the improved precision post-CNC conversion, this is the perfect milling machine to compete with larger workshops. 

The final word 

As a mill owner, you might well be looking for a milling machine that offers high performance at a low price. And among the medium-sized mills, there’s no other machine that offers you these than the Little Machine Shop Hi Torque 3990 mini mill. 


Not to forget, with an LMS mill conversion kit, you can have the features of a top-of-the-line CNC milling machine on a shoestring budget. 


If you’re looking for one such Little Machine Shop milling machine and CNC conversion kit duo, you can reach out to us. 


At CNC Conversion Plus, we offer LMS Hi Torque 3990 mini mills customized to your exact requirements and ship them to your workshop entirely assembled. As such, you can directly plug in the milling machine and start your operations right away. 


Also, we have the largest inventory of mill and lathe machines of all sizes, along with a CNC conversion kit for every machine variant. So whatever your machining requirement is, we’ve got your back. 


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