Sieg X2D Mini Mill

Here’s Why Sieg X2D Mini Mill & CNC Conversion Kit Is Apt For Small Workshops

A Sieg X2D mini milling machine is the go-to mill for a mid-sized workshop

If you own a small or medium-sized machine shop, you should definitely consider equipping it with a Sieg X2D mini mill. 


As a small business owner, your priority would be to create highly accurate parts efficiently and with ease. Also, it’s possible that as a beginner machinist, you’ve less expertise in milling, which calls for a machine that needs little training to operate. 

And to that end, a Sieg X2D benchtop mill fares better than its counterparts, providing you with a simple yet precise machining solution. 

Even better, CNC conversion kits are also readily available for mills and lathes from Sieg. That means you can get a CNC conversion kit for your Sieg X2D mill as well and have an automated mill up and running in no time. 

Impressive, isn’t it? 

There’s much more to this cost-effective yet high-performance milling machine, so let’s have a look up close. 

#1. Sieg X2D mini mill makes machining a lot more convenient 

Sieg X2D Mini Mill


Like any other mini milling machine, the Sieg X2D mill is also based on a rack and pinion arrangement. However, what distinguishes Sieg X2D from other mills of its category is the fact that the machine head is movable. 

And even though this mill operates like a drill press, most of the drill presses and mills lack the convenience and machining capability that the X2D model offers. 


You see, most of the mini mills made for small workshops have their quill or spindle, which are movable. And that limits the range of movement to around 2.5 and 3 inches, depending on the mill size, thus limiting the workpiece sizes that you can machine. 

But with a movable head, that’s not the problem anymore with both Sieg X2 and X2D. As such, you’ll have a great range of movement on your mini mill, along with the capacity to machine bigger objects. 

In fact, it is this very feature offering flexibility in terms of workpiece size that brings the small-sized Sieg X2D mill at par with larger mills. 

#2. The mill offers excellent customization options 

What can be better than customizing your milling machine precisely to your machining requirements? 

But you can’t customize every mill, and that’s especially true for mini mills designed for a limited purpose. 

Nevertheless, the Sieg X2D mini mill is clearly an exception here, as it allows you to personalize the machine however you might want. Also, you can install add-ons to the machine to make milling more precise and easier.

For instance, if you’re looking to machine complex designs that include minute details, you can fix a microscope above the worktable. That’ll allow you to improve the accuracy even during sophisticated operations and reduce the margin of error significantly. 

Similarly, you can install a lighting socket facing the workpiece right on the milling machine and equip it with a high-intensity light bulb. As a result, you can see the workpieces way more clearly and machine them with much ease. 

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? 

#3. Sieg X2D makes effective machining cost-efficient  

Sieg X2D Mini Mill


In terms of operations, the Sieg X2D mini mill has the features only seen on larger and high-end mills. And among them is the highly effective machining that this mill offers. 

So what makes this small-sized machine so effective? 

Well, the answer lies in the motor that powers this mini mill. 

While the manufacturers of Sieg X2D equipped the earlier versions of this mill with a classic style motor, it’s no longer the case with the latest models. That’s because the newer Sieg X2Ds feature bigger brushless DC motors, which are from half to two-thirds larger than the old ones.

And with an output rating of 220 volts, these motors generate more than 50 percent more power than their predecessors. 

In case you’re wondering, the classic motors seen on the old Sieg X2D mills weren’t ineffective at all. In fact, those early models are still available on the market for a much lower price. 

Then why the upgrade, you may ask? 

You see, DC motors are known for their high torque, something that allows you to effortlessly machine your pieces even with an increased load. And a Sieg X2D mini mill equipped with such a motor becomes compatible with heavy milling despite its size. 

Now, let’s talk about the cost of this mill

Looking at the features of the Sieg X2D, one may assume that this mini mill is going to cost a fortune. 

But that’s not the case here. On the contrary, you can get even the top-notch variants of the Sieg X2D for well under a thousand dollars.

It can’t get more cost-efficient for a top-of-the-line milling machine. Can it? 

#4. The machine is well-sealed to prevent mechanical errors 

Sieg X2D Mini Mill


A common problem with medium-sized milling machines is frequent mechanical problems. And that not only results in losses for small businesses but also a fat cheque for repairs. 

Among the source of problems are the open-air vents meant to keep the machine cool during operations. That’s because these vents allow oil, dirt, chips, grease, etc., into the machine, damaging and stalling the machine. 

However, with a Sieg X2D mini mill, you can rest easy, as these machines are entirely sealed and have no air vents to let dirt and debris in. 

Now, you’re sure to wonder how these machines keep cool if there are no air vents. 

To keep the machine’s components cool, the Sieg X2d features innovative solutions which use convection. 

Awesome, right? 

#5. High torque and variable speed for smooth milling

One of the many features of the Sieg X2D mini mill which makes it ideal for heavy-duty milling is its high torque. 


If there’s one thing that prevents mini mills from machining heavy components, it’s their relatively lower torque. That’s because lesser torque often results in stalling when you place heavy metals or use your machine for a longer haul. 

However, since the powerful DC motor generates enough torque on the Sieg X2D mill, you don’t face stalling, no matter the scale of your milling operations. 

Further, the milling machine has an excellent variable speed ranging from 0 to 2500 RPM, something unseen in mills of this size. And with such an extensive variable speed, you can create parts of just about any shape and size. 

Sieg X2D conversion kit: the best way to automate your mini mill

CNC conversion kit


As we discussed earlier, the Sieg X2D mill is compatible with CNC conversion. Also, the manufacturers provide CNC conversion kits to automate this mill. 

In fact, we highly recommend you go for a Sieg X2D conversion kit and turn your mill into a highly efficient CNC milling machine

There are many reasons to opt for CNC conversion on this mill, one of them being the conversion kit itself. 

You see, the Sieg X2D CNC conversion kit is very DIY-friendly, as all you need to do to convert your mill is follow its simple user manual. Also, since it’s a bolt-on kit, you don’t need to drill extra holes and enlarge the present ones, making CNC conversion even easier. 

Want more? 

To make CNC conversion convenient and hassle-free, the kit package has all that you need, including ball screws, bearings, nut assemblies, NEMA 23 stepper motor adaptors, and mounting hardware. 

Further, just like the mini mill itself, the Sieg X2D conversion kit is also cost-efficient. 

That’s amazing for sure, isn’t it? 

Some safety tips for using a Sieg X2D mini mill: 

For any machining operation, safety is undoubtedly a prerequisite. 

So here are some ways you can keep yourself safe while using a Sieg X2D mini mill: 

General safety tips: 

  1. As the name itself suggests, this is a mini mill meant for small to medium-scale operations. As such, you shouldn’t try to machine large workpieces on it. 
  2. Before you turn the machine on, you should double-check the workpiece and make sure it is clamped tightly in the vise. 
  3. Check your cutting tools prior to every operation for bluntness or cracks. A cutting tool that is blunt or has cracks can chip off mid-operation and cause injuries. Thus, it’s important to replace such tools with sharp and undamaged ones. 
  4. You should turn the spindle motor off before opening the safety shield, changing the tools or adjusting them, removing the chips, etc. 
  5. Once you’ve completed your tasks, you should remove all the tools from the tool rest near the spindle and put them back in the tool storage. 

Electrical safety tips: 

  1. Prior to plugging your milling machine in, you should ensure the main electrical wiring and all electrical components are properly grounded. 
  2. Liquids such as coolants or lubricants are needed on a mill or optimum machining. However, these liquids shouldn’t be close to electrical components, more so the high voltage ones. 
  3. In situations such as a power outage, it’s important to turn off all the machine components. A sudden restart can have potential dangers, especially when you aren’t in control. So it’s better to start the machine over again in such situations. 
  4. Before you begin with any maintenance or upkeep, you should turn all the switches off and unplug the machine. 

Tips for personal safety during machining: 

  1. Anyone who isn’t operating the mill should be at a safe distance from the machine, especially when the machine is running. 
  2. As a machinist, you should carefully read the machine manual as well as the operation-specific manual (if any) before you start milling a workpiece. 
  3. Check for any possible wear/tear on the mill and get it fixed. Also, you shouldn’t run the machine until these issues are fixed. 
  4. Close the machine safety guard before turning the mill on. 
  5. You should put on personal safety gear, such as safety glasses, head cover, etc. before you get around the milling machine. 
  6. You shouldn’t wear loose-fitting clothes, jewelry, hats, rings, etc., during a machining operation. Also, if you have long hair, it’s important you bind them. 
  7. Never leave the work area while the machine is still running. Even if you need to leave the work area immediately, you should always press the emergency stop button. 
  8. Make sure you pick the right machine tools and workpieces for your mill. That’s because tools not compatible with your machine can lead to an accident.

The final word 

As you can see, there’s no small milling machine that can match what the Sieg X2D mini mill has in store. 

With a machine like this, you can have the capabilities of a large mill right in your small establishment. As such, you stand a good chance to become more competitive and scale your business. 

And not to forget, with a Sieg X2D CNC conversion kit, you can take your machining business to a whole new level. That’s because nothing really matches the quality of workmanship in terms of precision and repeatability that a CNC machine offers. 

Looking for a Sieg X2D mini mill for your workshop? 

You can reach out to us. 

At CNC Conversion Plus, we have an extensive range of milling and lathe machines, along with their CNC conversion kits. All you need to do is pick a machine for your shop. We will convert your machine to CNC and ship it to your workshop, that too, at the most competitive price on the market. 

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