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Sieg X2D Mini Mill Vs. Precision Matthews Milling Machine: Which One To Buy In 2023? 

Choosing between a mini Sieg X2D or a Precision Matthews mill can be a task

As a machinist, you may have considered an upgrade of your mill, and milling machines like mini Sieg X2D and Precision Matthews might have crossed your mind. 


You see, these are popular brands common among medium-sized mills across the country, given their high efficiency and resilience. And not to forget, these machines are CNC capable, meaning a CNC conversion kit can make them fully-fledged CNC milling machines. 


So no wonder why these machines are highly sought after by machine shop owners and even hobbyists. 


But which milling machine to go for in your workshop? 


When it comes to choosing a machine, you should buy one that is apt for your needs. That’s because both Sieg X2D and Precision Matthews milling machines while being popular, support a different kind of machining operation. 


Let’s have a look at how these two machines are different and which of these is ideal for your workshop. 

Both Sieg X2D mini mill and Precision Matthews milling machine support different milling operations

The major difference between a Sieg X2D and a Precision Mattews mill is that they’re both meant for different purposes. 

First up, we have the Sieg X2D mini mill

Sieg X2D Mini Mill

To begin with, a Sieg X2D benchtop mill is essentially a hobbyist or beginner machine. That means if you own a small machine shop or you’re planning on starting one, this should be your go-to machine. 


In fact, the very reason why Sieg X2D is so popular among beginners is that it’s very simple to operate. And since it lets hobby machinists produce high-quality pieces right in their homes or a small mill, this machine fares better over its counterparts. 


The only downside of a Sieg X2D mini mill is its inability to support workpieces of a large size. However, as a hobbyist or small mill owner, that shouldn’t be a worry for you, given it’s mostly smaller pieces that you’ll be machining. 


Also, this benchtop mill from Sieg has a 50 percent larger table area compared to other benchtop mills in its category. Meaning, you can machine 1.5x large pieces on your compact milling machine. 


That’s impressive, isn’t it? 

Next comes the Precision Matthews milling machine

Precision Matthews milling machine

The Precision Matthews milling machine, contrary to the Sieg X2D mini mill, is a heavy-duty mill made compact. 




In terms of the machining it offers, and the variety of materials and workpiece sizes it can handle, a Precision Matthews mill is at par with industrial-grade milling machines. So you can use one to cut or drill even the heaviest of metals, as well as make various prototypes and tools. 

Who should buy a Precision Matthews mill

If you’re someone looking to grow an already established mill and make it more competitive, then you should definitely get a milling machine from Precision Matthews. 


As such, you’ll have the same efficiency and productivity as a large industry or workshop, that too for the price of a mini mill. 

Both Sieg X2D and Precision Matthews have different endurance levels 

Sieg X2D mini mill

As you can see, a Sieg X2D mini mill and a Precision Matthews milling machine are both built for entirely different purposes. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the two machines differ in terms of the endurance they offer. 


The Sieg X2D will offer you quick and precise machining, which can be further improved with CNC conversion. 


But there’s a catch when it comes to the machine’s tolerance. 


You see, the Sieg X2D is still a small-sized milling machine, meaning it isn’t without limitations in terms of endurance. That means you can at best use it for work durations ranging from a few hours. 


However, for a small or medium size workshop, that shouldn’t cause a problem as there are a limited number of workpieces that you’re likely to machine. 


Nevertheless, if you’re working for a machine with high tolerance, then Precision Matthews is the machine to go for. 




Since Precision Matthews provides industrial-grade capability on a small mill, the endurance level it offers is also the highest among milling machines of its category. As such, you can rely on it for long-haul operations and produce huge quantities of high-precision parts with ease. 


Even better, you can get a Precision Matthews CNC milling machine and let your mill run 24×7 non-stop. 


Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

Which of the mills is CNC-capable? 

Sieg X2D mini mill

When buying a milling machine, the million-dollar question could be whether or not it is CNC-capable. And rightly so, as manual mills can’t match the precision and speed that CNC machining offers. 


To that end, you can rest assured, as both Sieg X2D mini mill and Precision Matthews milling machine are CNC-capable. That means you can easily convert a manual version of these mills into a CNC mill; all you’ll need is a CNC conversion kit. 


In fact, both the manufacturers, i.e., Sieg and Precision Matthews, also provide CNC conversion kits for their milling machines. 


For instance, if you own a manual Sieg X2D mill, you can turn it into a CNC machine with a Sieg X2D conversion kit


Similarly, for a Precision Matthews 932M mill, you can get a 932M benchtop conversion kit and have the features of a CNC machine. 

But why exactly go for a CNC-capable machine in the first place? 

You’re sure to wonder why you should buy a CNC-capable manual mill if fully-fledged CNC milling machines are readily available. 


Well, the reasons to go for a CNC-capable machine are manifold. 


First, a brand new CNC machine doesn’t come affordable, and one can cost you upward of $100,000. On the other hand, you can purchase top-notch CNC conversion kits from renowned manufacturers for under $1000. 


Second, you get the exact same machining quality as a brand-new CNC milling machine after CNC conversion. So you can simply buy a cost-efficient manual mill and turn it into a CNC mill for just a fraction of the original cost. 

Wrapping it up 

Buying the right machine for your mill isn’t an easy task, as there are so many things you’ve to factor in. 


Nonetheless, choosing a machine becomes easy when you have your exact requirements and machining needs in mind. And the same thing applies when picking between Sieg X2D mini mill and Precision Matthews milling machine. 


You see, since both the machines are built to cater to different workshops, you can pick one that suits the priorities of your mill. 


Looking to buy one of these machines or their CNC conversion kits? 


You can reach out to us, as we have the largest inventory of best-in-class mill and lathe machines and conversion kits. 


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