Precision Matthews Milling Machine

4 Reasons Why A Precision Matthews Milling Machine Is Your One-stop CNC Mill

If you’re looking for heavy CNC milling in a small workshop, then a Precision Matthews mill is your go-to machine

But why exactly a Precision Matthews milling machine when there are so many other options on the market? 


Well, it’s true that there are excellent options in the form of compact mills and lathes for CNC machining in small to mid-sized machine shops. However, the kind of materials these mini machines can handle and the operations you can undertake are limited. 


You see, even as smaller workshops are primarily involved in light to medium milling, you may well need a machine for heavy machining. 


And to that end, a Precision Matthews CNC mill fits perfectly into the picture. That’s because these mills are not only compact enough for small shops but also packed with features seen only in industrial mills. 


That’s interesting, isn’t it? 


There’s more to these amazing milling machines, so let’s have a look as to why they fare better than their counterparts. 

#1. You can turn a Precision Matthews manual mill into a CNC milling machine 

Precision Matthews Milling Machine

Precision Matthews is already a popular brand for mills and lathes across the country. So it’s possible that you have a manual version of their milling machines in your machine shop. 


You might well wonder, is it possible to have CNC capability on such a manual machine? 


And the answer is yes, as you can certainly create a CNC mill out of the very same machine. 


In fact, Precision Matthews is among very few milling machine manufacturers who also provide CNC conversion kits for all of their products. 


For instance, if you own a Precision Matthews PM932M benchtop mill, you can simply buy a 932M benchtop conversion kit to have high-end CNC features. 


As such, you can rest easy since a conversion kit will allow you to have the same capabilities as a brand-new Precision Matthews CNC mill. 


A CNC conversion kit is the most affordable way to have a CNC machine, and that holds for both mills and lathes. Also, CNC conversion kits are readily available on the market for machines of almost all types and sizes. 


That means if you already own a milling machine, you need not buy a brand-new CNC mill, thus minimizing your upfront investment. 

#2. Industrial grade machining ability in a small mill

Precision Matthews Milling Machine

As you know, a CNC machine is all about attaining accuracy and high-precision machining; something manual machines are incapable of. And that, in turn, helps you scale your business by producing top-notch parts in a much greater quantity. 


For a long time, the larger industries or workshops had the upper hand in workpiece production, given they were the only ones with CNC capability. But that has started to change with the easy availability of mini CNC mills and lathes. 


However, there’s a catch. 


A small mill or a mini lathe CNC machine has limitations in terms of machining they can support. As a result, small workshops are not able to compete with industrial grade manufacturers. 


Nevertheless, a Precision Matthews milling machine is clearly an outlier here. 




You see, though a typical Precision Matthews CNC mill is compact-sized and designed to fit a small mill, you shouldn’t take machine size as a parameter. That’s because even the small CNC mills from this particular manufacturer are at par with large industrial mills. 


Meaning you can use any just about milling machine from Precision Matthews for drilling, cutting, or boring the heaviest of metals. Also, you can use one for making such tools and prototypes that other small CNC mills cannot. 


There you have it, a small CNC milling machine to compete with the big players. 

#3. A Precision Matthews milling machine is cost-efficient too 

Precision Matthews Milling Machine

When you hear about a small mill loaded with the features of an industrial machine, you’re sure to wonder whether it will be too expensive. 


While it’s true that CNC machines, especially the mills, can be cost-intensive, surprisingly, that’s not the case with a Precision Matthews milling machine. Simply put, the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ doesn’t apply to these CNC mills. 


And to understand why that’s so, let’s look at a price comparison. 


If you buy an entry-level industrial CNC mill, you’ll need to invest anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000 upfront. At the same time, the prices of 3-axis industrial CNC milling machines can range between $100,000 and $500,000. 


On the contrary, you can get a heavy-duty milling machine from Precision Matthews matching the capabilities of large mills for well under $3500. 


You can’t get a CNC mill as cost-effective as this. Can you? 

#4. Nothing comes close to the high endurance of Precision Matthews mills

A CNC mill with robust machining capabilities also needs high endurance levels to allow for a longer operating time. 


Thankfully, every mini milling machine from Precision Matthews offers exceptional endurance, something unmatched by the mills of its class. 


So rest assured, you can use your CNC mill 24X7 without a pause, thereby exponentially increasing your production. Also, since the mills are equipped with in-built cooling systems, you need not worry about overheating from long-haul operations. 


Amazing, right? 

The final word

As you can see, a Precision Matthews CNC mill is a solid milling machine that you can use to cut almost any material. 


Nonetheless, these mills aren’t confined to the heavy machining options they offer. 


You see, mills from Precision Matthews can even be used to create the most sophisticated parts, thanks to their high-end CNC software. So when it comes to creating highly precise pieces during large-scale production, you can rely on them. 


In fact, as a manufacturer Precision Matthews is so confident of its mills that they cover them under extended warranties for as long as three to five years. 


That sounds impressive, doesn’t it? 


At CNC Conversion Plus, we have the most extensive selection of Precision Matthews milling machines and CNC conversion kits. 


Also, we have a large inventory of CNC-capable mills and lathes of every size and for every purpose, including industry leaders like Grizzly, Harbor Freight, Shop Fox, and Sieg. And we can deliver your ideal CNC machine to your workshop at the most affordable price. 


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