mini lathe CNC conversion kit

Here’s Why You Should Go For a Grizzly G9972Z Mini Lathe CNC Conversion Kit

A mini lathe CNC conversion kit is all it takes to make your lathe machine high-precision

If you are a lathe machinist, you might have considered a mini lathe CNC conversion kit for your machine shop. After all, nothing really can match the accuracy and quality of workpiece production that CNC lathe conversion brings about. 


However, when it comes to choosing a CNC conversion kit for your lathe, you’re sure to be confused between the many options on the market. That’s because there are so many CNC lathe kits for different machine sizes and types. 


Nevertheless, you can rest assured as we have the right CNC conversion kit recommendation for your small-sized workshop in the form of Grizzly G9972Z. 

But why exactly should you buy a Grizzly G9972Z benchtop lathe in the first place? 

mini lathe CNC conversion kit

As a hobbyist or small machine shop owner, the right lathe machine is as important as the conversion kit itself. And the Grizzly G9972 benchtop lathe has all that it takes for high-quality workpiece production.  


You see, the Grizzly G9972 lathe is specially designed for light-duty machining and powered by a 1 HP motor to efficiently machine even tricky workpieces. 


What makes it ideal for a mini-workshop is its multipurpose features which allow you to machine both metals and wood in many shapes and sizes. 


And as icing on the cake, the Grizzly G9972 benchtop lathe is covered by a one-year warranty. 


Interesting, isn’t it? 

Reasons to go for a Grizzly G9972Z mini benchtop lathe CNC conversion kit: 

mini lathe CNC conversion kit

As you can see, a Grizzly G9972Z benchtop lathe is apt for your small workshop. The only catch here is that the lathe machine is not CNC-enabled. 


CNC machining is already transforming machine shops across the world with improved efficiency and better workpiece quality. And we can’t overstate the importance of a lathe CNC conversion kit, given the highly precise and complex models that a lathe machine has to create. 


A Grizzly G9972Z lathe conversion kit not only makes machining such pieces easy but also makes sure that you can machine models of just about any shape. 


There’s more to a Grizzly CNC lathe conversion kit, so let’s have a look in detail. 

#1. Grizzly G9972Z is a cost-efficient mini lathe CNC conversion kit

A fully-fledged CNC machine doesn’t come cheap and, at times, can even cost you a fortune. So when it comes to having a CNC-enabled machine shop, you can expect to spend upward of $100,000. 


In fact, the very reason why CNC conversion kits have gained popularity is that they make your existing lathe or mill CNC capable at just about a fraction of what a brand-new machine costs. 


And when we talk about a cost-efficient lathe or mill CNC conversion kit, nothing comes close to a Grizzly G9972Z mini benchtop lathe CNC conversion kit. 


While a small lathe CNC kit can cost $1000 on average, you can get a Grizzly G9972 lathe conversion kit for well under $800. 


Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? 

#2. It’s a DIY CNC lathe kit

Out of all CNC lathe kits, the Grizzly G9972Z lathe conversion kit is the most DIY-friendly. 


So what makes it a DIY CNC lathe kit, you may ask? 


You see, converting a mill or lathe using CNC conversion kits involves a complex process and requires good know-how in machining. That means you’ll need to hire a CNC expert to turn your manual lathe to CNC. 


But that’s not the case with the Grizzly G9972Z mini benchtop lathe CNC conversion kit, which is one the easiest to convert kits on the market. More so, since this lathe CNC kit includes a simple-to-follow user manual, even a beginner machinist can use it without any hassle. 


As you know, a DIY CNC conversion stands to save your additional labor cost. And not to forget the sense of joy and satisfaction DIY projects bring about. 

#3. It turns your Grizzly G9972Z benchtop lathe into a high-capacity CNC machine

The Grizzly G9972Z benchtop lathe is known as a mini machine for smaller workpieces. And while it is true for the non-CNC version of this lathe, it’s an entirely different story after CNC conversion. 


You see, a Grizzly G9972Z mini lathe CNC conversion kit can turn this benchtop lathe into a high-capacity machine. Meaning, your lathe can now handle even large workpieces and endure long hours of operation. 


So in terms of machining capacity, your CNC lathe machine will be very similar to its industrial-grade counterparts.  


Amazing, right? 

#4. The mini lathe CNC conversion kit package has everything you need for high efficiency 

What makes the Grizzly G9972Z mini lathe CNC conversion kit different from others on the market is its all-inclusive package. This CNC lathe conversion kit has all that you’ll need to make your machine highly efficient. 


To begin with, the Grizzly G9972Z CNC conversion plans include double opposing ball nuts, just like its mill CNC conversion kit counterparts. By installing these double opposing nuts on the ball screws of your lathe, you can simply double the accuracy of your machine. 


Next up in this mini lathe CNC conversion kit are high-quality NEMA 23 stepper motors for the X, Y, and Z axis. With these motors on your lathe, you can stay assured of smooth machining and years of reliable service. 


Lastly, the kit includes all essential CNC machining components like ball screws, nut assemblies, bearings, shaft connectors, and mounting hardware. 

Wrapping it up

mini lathe CNC conversion kit

When it comes to modern-day machining, we can’t deny the role that a CNC machine has to play. 


As a machine shop owner, there are plenty of turnkey solutions readily available for you, thanks to the CNC conversion kits. 


But of all these solutions, nothing beats the Grizzly G9972Z mini lathe CNC conversion kit. You see, getting a highly featureful CNC conversion kit from an industry-leading manufacturer on a shoestring budget is simply not possible. 


If you are looking for one such CNC conversion kit, you can reach out to us. We have in our store CNC conversion kits from renowned manufacturers like Grizzly, Precision Matthews, Sieg, etc. And we can deliver your ideal mill or lathe CNC kit to your machine shop at the most competitive price. 


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