CNC conversion kits

8 Amazing Ways CNC Conversion Kits Can Boost Your Business

CNC conversion kits can take machining to a whole new level

Like most contemporary equipment, machine tools have evolved through time while also attaining precision and speed with the help of CNC conversion kits. So, compared to the massive, room-sized machinery of the Industrial Revolution, modern lathes and mills have made significant advancements. 


While huge companies and high-end production facilities still house room-sized equipment, small CNC-capable machine tools are now more prevalent in home workshops than ever.


However, despite technological and financial progress, most small lathes and mills do not have CNC capabilities. That’s not an issue for hobbyists, but it does mean that a tiny lathe can’t accomplish some things.


Most hobbyists cannot purchase a CNC milling machine because one is either too costly or too big. There is, fortunately, an easy solution in the form of a CNC conversion kit for small businesses or hobbyists with a little more time.


In fact, CNC conversion kits can enable faster and more accurate workpiece production and give you a competitive edge. 


Interesting, isn’t it? 


We present to you eight exciting ways to grow your business with CNC conversion kits. Also, we’ve explained how CNC conversion works and if they’re the best option for you. So let’s have a look. 

To begin with, what are CNC conversion kits?

A typical CNC conversion kit for an older mill comes with installation instructions and several new parts. New hardware, such as motors, will be used to automate the mill’s movement along the X, Y, and Z axes. New software and a control device are also available.


Other crucial components might be:


  • Home/limit switches to prevent the machine from injuring itself by going to the extreme end of one axis.


  • A motor control unit, which is part of CNC control packages, plays a vital role in converting commands into actions. 


Most conversion kits are made to operate with certain older machines or occasionally with a specific line of machines from a single manufacturer. For instance, a Grizzly lathe conversion kit is apt for converting manual lathe machines from Grizzly. 


Many conversion kits include comprehensive electronics packages, a control unit, and programming software. Others are significantly simpler in terms of the motors and other gear required to make the machine CNC-capable but without the full control systems.


It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t use one CNC conversion kit in all types of CNC machines. So you should find an appropriate conversion kit for your milling or lathe machine.

How CNC conversion kits can boost your business

CNC conversion kits

As you can see, you can automate almost any machine with CNC conversion kits.


Have you ever wondered how these kits operate, though?


An effective way to convert your milling machine to a CNC machine is using a CNC conversion kit, which uses your mill’s existing design. It often motorizes the current movement axes rather than adding new ones to enable a pre-programmed movement. 


As a result, the conversion kit reduces the amount of machine modification needed and completes conversion in a matter of hours, making the entire process effective and efficient.


And in case you’re wondering, here’s how CNC conversion kits can provide that much-needed fillip to your business:

#1. Economical upgrades with CNC conversion

The most significant benefit of CNC conversion kits is that they make it possible to modernize outdated equipment at a reasonable price. 


You see, although conversion kits can cost more or less than a new CNC machine, they frequently cost much less.


So the maximum you’ll pay for typical benchtop mill lathe conversion kits is $1,000. However, the cost of a basic 3-axis CNC machine can reach $100,000.

#2. Comfort with the machine

The expert on your CNC lathe machine is you. When you spend years working with a machine, you develop an amazing familiarity with it.

#3. CNC conversion kits allow excellent customization 

CNC conversion kits

As a hobbyist, you will frequently employ a conversion kit along with your own modifications. And that might be an addition to the machine other than those included in the conversion kit, such as a custom control module created from an outdated computer.


In fact, with CNC conversion kits, you can customize turn key machines and control packages, among others, to your liking. 

#4. Less Manual Work

You don’t have to spend hours completing a product, which is one of the best advantages of switching your machine over to CNC. 


You see, automation enables you to program your machine’s settings and delegate tasks to it. So three times as many goods can be produced in an hour on a CNC-converted machine as you can produce manually in the whole day.


Amazing, right? 

#5. CNC conversion kits offer an increased production capacity 

CNC conversion kits offer you access to all the features of a fully functional CNC machine. That means a CNC conversion kit can provide custom component runs, automated manufacturing, and high precision.

#6. Enhanced Productivity and Accuracy

CNC conversion kits enable you to boost the performance of your existing machine at a low cost. By integrating additional components, you may revive an inactive machine more effectively and precisely than ever before.

#7. Little to no waste is produced

With a CNC conversion kit, you may adapt your outdated machines to operate on programs that are optimized iteratively to find the most efficient method to turn a component. Such codes may also be subjected to simulations, which test the effectiveness of the regulating program before it is implemented.


As a result, rather than the trial-and-error approach to design improvement, the final CAD-CAM model will provide results and deliver value from the first cycle.


Additionally, it makes efficient use of the available raw materials because all precision milling machines run on repeatable software programs that employ fixed tools along predetermined pathways. Because of this, cutting-edge CNC turning machines can dramatically reduce waste for manufacturers.

#8. Reduced Manufacturing Costs

With the aforementioned benefits in mind, it should be obvious that using a CNC conversion kit to improve a machine for precision component turning may significantly reduce production costs. So, first of all, it increases manufacturing and assembly efficiency and scalability without increasing material waste.


Similarly, it lowers energy use and cuts these ongoing operating expenses. Additionally, it discharges any financial responsibility brought on by mishaps and events. Overall, it is one of the most comprehensive strategies to reduce operating costs without sacrificing the operation’s process or quality.

Is CNC conversion the best option for you?

CNC conversion kits

Should you choose a conversion kit or just buy a brand-new CNC machine? 


A lot depends on the specifics of your circumstance. For example, a high-end, brand-new CNC machine purchase can be more cost-effective in the long run if you need to start a new production line for a big company.


However, CNC conversion kits offer a good chance to expand your capabilities without incurring the costs of a new machine if you are a smaller company using tried-and-true equipment that is now out of date. After conversion, you’ll have the dependability of your old workhorse together with the capabilities of a real CNC milling machine.


Naturally, CNC conversion kits are also perfect for home hobbyists, who can update their present machine for a modest cost and experiment with CNC programming, g-code, CAD, and all the other aspects of CNC milling.


The task of updating your present milling machine can seem overwhelming, but the benefits—a high-end CNC milling machine at a fraction of the price—are more than worth it.


That’s all for this article, folks! We hope you liked our take on  CNC Conversion Kits and how they can help you expand your production.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding CNC conversion kits, do reach out to us; we would be happy to help!


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