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An Ultimate Guide To CNC Conversion Kits

Did you know that CNC conversion kits can turn your regular milling or routing machine into a CNC machine super-cheap?

You see, CNC conversion kits have made CNC machining affordable and easily accessible to small businesses and hobbyists, among others. That’s because full-fledged CNC machines are costly, and most small-scale industries find them unaffordable. 


As you may know, CNC machines, with their precision and accuracy, have taken manufacturing to a whole new level, the reason why most businesses are so keen on having one. 


Simply speaking, CNC machines have upped the game in the manufacturing industry, as the manually controlled routers and mills just can’t match their quality. And that is a problem for small businesses still relying on older machines as they face stiff competition in the market. 


A CNC conversion kit can be a savior, as your existing machine gets upgraded to be CNC-capable at less than half the price of new CNC machines.  


That sounds interesting for sure, doesn’t it? 


Well, there’s so much more to a CNC conversion kit, so let’s have a look. 

What exactly are CNC conversion kits?

Now that you’ve seen how CNC conversion scales up your business, you might wonder what exactly are CNC conversion kits?


Let’s begin with the basics of CNC. 


CNC is the short form for ‘computer numerical control,’ which uses pre-programmed software to control the movement of machines. To put it simply, you don’t have to control the machines by yourself anymore, as the CNC-capable machines are programmed to do that for you. 


As a result, you get increased production and improved quality without the hassle of doing everything manually. 


The popular CNC machine types include milling and router machines used to cut and drill metals, wood, plastic, etc. The one you choose depends on your requirements. 


Now coming back to the CNC conversion kits, they turn your manually controlled milling or router machine into a fully functional CNC machine. Thus, your old milling machines turn into state-of-the-art instruments, making drilling and cutting quicker, better, and cheaper. 


You see, a machine’s interface with technology has proven to be the best way to get things done, and thanks to a mill CNC conversion kit, you can do that for just any milling machine.


Amazing, right? 

Here’s a bit more about the CNC conversion kits you get in the market:

A regular CNC conversion kit that you get for your older milling machine comes with a wide range of components, apart from the instruction manual for installation. Also, you get hardware like motors to automate your machine’s movement along the X, Y, and Z axis. 


Since the control packages, software, limit switches, etc., for your CNC machine are included in the conversion kit; you can be worry free about them. 


However, there are certain things you should know about CNC conversion kits. For instance, some conversion kits are meant specifically for a particular machine type or manufacturer. 


That means, even as the conversion kits are designed to work with older machines, you can’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach. So you should go for a CNC conversion kit that is compatible with your milling or router machine. 


Rest assured, the CNC conversion kits stand true to their promise of turning all machines CNC capable. 

How do CNC conversion kits work? 

As you can see, with CNC conversion kits, you can automate just about any machine. 


But have you ever wondered how these kits work? 


A CNC conversion kit takes advantage of your mill’s current layout to make your milling machine a CNC unit efficiently. So it usually doesn’t add new movement axes; instead, it motorizes the existing axes to allow for a pre-programmed movement. 


Thus, the conversion kit keeps your machine’s modification requirements to a minimum and does conversion within hours, making the entire process efficient and cost-effective. 


That’s impressive, isn’t it? 

Are CNC conversion kits DIY-friendly?

CNC conversion kits
CNC conversion kits for small projects are quite DIY-friendly

Most of the CNC conversion kits you see in the market are designed for beginners, hobbyists, and small businesses, and among them, DIY is a trend. 


You see, as a beginner or small-scale entrepreneur, you’re more likely to prefer a DIY CNC conversion than hiring a professional. And the manufacturers of these conversion kits are acutely aware of that, the reason why they ensure their kits are DIY friendly. 


That’s precisely why the CNC conversion kits you get include detailed instructions which are easy to access and understand, thereby making DIY conversions easy and quick. 


However, CNC conversion requires you to remove certain components from your milling machine and install new ones, which needs expertise. So you should have prior experience with a milling or routing machine for a DIY CNC conversion. 


There you have it, CNC conversion made DIY friendly. 

CNC Conversion Kits: Pros and Cons

There is no denying that CNC conversion kits are a must-have for businesses, no matter their size. That’s because there are certain things that your regular milling machine simply can’t do. 


But before you invest in a CNC turning machine, you might be interested in knowing its various pros and cons. So let’s look at them in detail.  


#1. CNC conversion kits offer a cost-effective upgrade to CNC

CNC conversion kits
CNC machining with a conversion kit is super-cheap!

You might be thinking of replacing your milling or routing machine with a CNC machine, but the huge upfront investment could be a constraint. In fact, expensive CNC machines are the very reason why many businesses still use manual and often outdated machinery. 


That’s where CNC conversion kits come in handy, upgrading your old and obsolete machinery into advanced CNC machines on a shoestring budget. 


You see, even the most expensive CNC conversion kits would cost you less than half the price of a brand-new CNC machine. 


That’s quite a deal, isn’t it? 


So how much does the price vary, you may ask? 


A CNC conversion kit for an average milling machine will cost you $1000 at most. On the contrary, an entry-level 3-axis CNC machine can cost you up to $100,000. 


The difference is for you to see. 

#2. Increase your production quality and quantity with CNC machines

Have you wondered what your competitors do differently to ramp up their business? 


They use CNC machines to achieve precision and increase their production levels manifold. 


With CNC conversion kits, you can do the same for your business, and that too, without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars. 


Since your older milling machine gets upgraded to include the features of high-end CNC machines, it lets you improve quality and increase your production quantity. 


The regular non-CNC machines that you might use in your workshop just can’t match the capabilities of a CNC router machine. 

#3. CNC conversion kits make high-quality customization possible

CNC conversion kits
CNC conversion kits offer great customization options for hobbyists

As a hobbyist, your biggest concern could be the randomized programming that most CNC machines in the market come with, and rightly so. 


You see, even as the CNC machines have helped achieve precision and increased production volumes, you’ll still find it hard to use them for some specialized projects. That’s because the randomized nature of these CNC machines makes customization a hard bargain. 


However, CNC conversion kits allow hobbyists to tweak and customize CNC machining as per their requirements. You either DIY the CNC conversion or have larger control over the process, which lets you program the CNC machine specifically the way you want.


Sounds awesome, right? 


#1. You can’t replace broken parts with CNC conversion kits 

What a CNC conversion kit primarily does is that it makes your older milling or router machine CNC capable. But the older machine that you convert is most likely to have broken or damaged components, which the conversion kit can’t replace. 


Even after upgrading your existing machine to CNC, it won’t function as efficiently and smoothly with damaged parts. So you need to replace these components before you begin the CNC conversion process.

#2. CNC conversion kits have limited capabilities

You can’t expect a CNC conversion kit to make your milling machine as efficient and powerful as a brand-new CNC machine. That’s because conversion kits neither add extra power or motion capabilities to the original motor of your milling machine nor do they replace the motor with a new one.


So your machine essentially remains the same post CNC conversion, except that the CNC software makes it automated instead of being manually controlled. 


That means even as your CNC-capable milling machine brings in efficiency and accuracy, it can’t work wonders like a fully-fledged CNC machine.  

#3. CNC conversion requires a great deal of technical knowledge 

CNC conversion kits are DIY and beginner friendly, but you need in-depth technical know-how to carry out the CNC conversion process. And as a newbie to CNC machining, there’s a good chance you lack this knowledge. 


So you have to resort to hiring a CNC professional who’d do CNC conversion on your milling machine, which means you incur additional expenses. 

Why does your startup need a CNC conversion kit? 

As a startup owner or small entrepreneur, you need a CNC conversion kit to grow and expand your business. You simply can’t compete in terms of quality and quantity without your machines being CNC-capable. 


Even getting a new CNC machine may sound good, but you really don’t need to invest big unless you plan on multiplying your operations. 


You see, CNC conversion kits are perfect for scaling up production and increasing efficiency in small-scale workshops, especially if your machine is a tried-and-tested one. 


When we talk about the CNC conversion process itself, it may look daunting and time-consuming. In fact, the complicated CNC conversion may have kept you from making your machine CNC capable. But the results of CNC conversion make it totally worthwhile. 


So you should go ahead and get a CNC conversion kit for your milling machine right away!

Wrapping it up

If you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your production business fast, CNC conversion kits are your best bet. 


And if you’re looking to buy one, you’re at the right place, as CNC Conversion Plus is your one-stop shop for the best CNC conversion kits and everything CNC. 


Our conversion kits will give your older machines a complete modern makeover; all you’ve got to do is power them on and let the magic happen. 


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