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5 Best CNC Machines For Beginners In 2023

With CNC machines you’re sure to scale up your business


CNC machines have become a prerequisite for small and large industrial-grade workshops, and if you’re a newbie looking to upgrade your production facility, you should go for the best. 


You see, CNC machines are an essential tool in industrial settings with a proven record in providing accuracy, efficiency, and waste reduction. 


Over the years, CNC machines have advanced in technology, with modern ones offering precision unlike any other. That’s why businesses are increasingly switching over to CNC from manual production systems. 


No matter whether you run a small or large business, CNC machines are sure to boost your business since the level of perfection they offer is simply impossible to achieve manually. 


So if you’re planning on starting a small business, working on a pet project, or learning new skills, there’re always the best beginner-friendly CNC machines available on the market. 


But aren’t CNC machines too expensive, you may ask?


It is true that CNC machines in their heyday were quite expensive, but with CNC software advancing by the day these machines have become way cheaper. So you can go for a full-fledged CNC conversion without breaking your bank. 


Interesting, isn’t it? 

The Best Beginner-level CNC Machines In The Market


As you can see, CNC machines are sure to bring greater quality and efficiency to your production facility. 


However, choosing the right machine for a small to medium-sized business is tricky since most CNC machines are bulky and apt for large industrial operations. 


But that doesn’t mean you can’t switch to a CNC router machine for your business. 


You see, there are many high-quality CNC machines designed specifically for beginners and small businesses that are readily available in the market. So if you’re new to the industry or looking for an upgrade to CNC, you will surely get one that suits your needs. 


Even though you can’t cut hardened steel with smaller CNC machines, you can still cut plastic, wood, and other softer materials with much ease. Also, some minor tweaks using CNC conversion kits, and you can easily cut metals like aluminum with a small-sized CNC machine. 


You want to have such smart and efficient machines in your factory too. Don’t you? 


That’s exactly why we’ve compiled the list of the best beginner-level CNC machines out there, so let’s dive in. 

#1. SainSmart Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO

best CNC machines


If you’re a beginner looking for a budget-friendly CNC machine for your business, this particular unit from SainSmart is the go-to option for you. 


The 3018-Pro is primarily meant for engraving, which means you can easily cut soft materials like wood and plastic. And since the machine is pretty well built, it lets you cut metals like aluminum. 


You might wonder how a small entry-level CNC machine like 3018-PRO can cut metals? 


You see, cutting metals through smaller machines is always a challenge, especially with the standard CNC machines that you find in the market. 


However, the better-built quality of this particular CNC machine means you can cut aluminum after some simple tweaks in the speed and feed of your system, including cutting tools. It is also possible to cut other softer metals, but you might have to experiment a bit with your machine.


The best part is that assembling the 3018-PRO CNC machine is super-easy, which makes it ideal for beginners and hobbyists. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible even with some of the best CNC machines in the market, which have a complex assembly process. 


Also, Genmitsu 3018-PRO features a rigid frame that increases its longevity, meaning you can rest assured of the machine’s quality and long service life. 

Want more? 


You can easily switch a regular 3018-PRO CNC machine to a laser engraver in just 2-3 minutes. All you’ve got to do is buy a laser unit and swap it in place of the spindle or router.


That sounds awesome, doesn’t it? 


SainSmart is known for its excellent manufacturer support, which is also true for 3018-PRO. So you can rest easy, as you’re sure to get top-notch post-sales support. 


What about the disadvantages, you may ask? 


The only shortcoming of this CNC machine is that you can’t work on bigger projects since it is meant for beginners working on small-scale projects. 


There you have it, the best budget-friendly CNC machine for beginners.  

#2. BobsCNC Evolution 4 Router Kit

best CNC machines


As you saw, despite all its advantages, SainSmart’s Genmitsu 3018-PRO isn’t compatible with large working areas. 


You might have bigger projects to work on, and you might be looking for beginner-level CNC machines that cover your requirements. 


But do CNC machines for beginners cover large working areas at all?


Yes, they do. 


If you need such a CNC machine, look nowhere else, as Evolution 4 from BobsCNC is your one-stop solution. 



BobsCNC is known to manufacture CNC machines that fare better than their other entry-level counterparts in the market, which is also true for the Evolution 4 model. 


Even as BobsCNC specializes in CNC wood routing, you can use Evolution 4 to machine wood, plastic, and other softer materials on a large scale. In fact, Evolution 4 has a two to three times larger work area than other best CNC machines in the market, which makes a huge difference in large-scale beginner projects. 


As a result, you can make some of the best CNC routed signs and art using the Evolution 4. 


That’s quite impressive for a beginner-level CNC machine, isn’t it? 


However, there are certain things you should know before buying BobsCNC Evolution 4. 


Firstly, Evolution 4 models are not designed for use with a laser, so if you’re looking to install laser cutting tools, this isn’t something you should go for. According to the manufacturers, laser cutting in a large CNC machine like this can be hazardous as it is pretty difficult to build a safety enclosure around it.  


Secondly, while the smaller CNC machines are delivered to you pre-assembled, you can either assemble Evolution 4 yourself or hire an expert. That’s because Evolution 4 is a huge machine, which makes it impossible for the manufacturer to deliver it pre-assembled. 


Thirdly, Evolution 4 makes a lot more noise than other entry-level CNC machines since it is a large machine with a more powerful spindle or router. 


Rest assured, the Evolution 4 from BobsCNC is well-built with high-quality materials and does a lot more cutting than its other entry-level counterparts. 

#3. Grizzly G0704 Benchtop Mill (Best among heavy-duty CNC machines)

best CNC machines


Are you looking for a beginner-level CNC machine capable of cutting heavy metals like steel, cast iron, aluminum, bronze, etc.?


If yes, Grizzly G0704 Benchtop Mill is something you should definitely go for. 


You see, among the best CNC machines for cutting metals, Grizzly G0704 ranks at the top in terms of durability and reliability. 


In fact, the G0704 milling machine earns its trust from the fact that it has been offering top-notch CNC milling to hobbyists and small-scale machinists for a really long time. 


Also, Grizzly G0704 is much lighter in weight than other CNC machines of similar size, which offers you unmatched flexibility in terms of assembly and operation. For instance, the machine’s light weight makes the mill CNC conversion process simpler while allowing you to move the benchtop mill quickly. 


That means you get a machine that is both heavy-duty and agile. 


But how exactly does a small beginner-level CNC machine cut metals like steel? 


That’s because it is enhanced by a powerful 1HP-12A motor, which makes it tackle heavy metals with ease. 


The best part about Grizzly G0704 is its 12 months long warranty, the longest among its CNC milling machine counterparts. 


What’s more? 


Grizzly has an excellent pan-American customer support team ready to assist you with installation and operation, among other services. 


Amazing, right? 

#4 Snapmaker 2.0 CNC Router and Laser Cutter

Snapmaker 2.0


Is a jack-of-all-trades CNC machine something you are on the lookout for?


If yes, then Snapmaker 2.0 is something you should buy right now! 




The 2.0 version CNC machine is bigger and better than its predecessor Snapmaker Original, offering you a perfectly accurate CNC carver. For instance, you can use its straight groove v-bit with an add-on 4-axis rotary module, thus making your CNC router carve precise 360-degree detailing in material blocks. 


That sounds interesting for sure, doesn’t it? 


There’s much more to Snapmaker 2.0. 


It lets you quickly swap in and out the CNC tool head and carve designs faster than the Snapmaker Original, which means you can finish large projects in less time. 


The best thing is that Snapmaker 2.0 is an all-in-one unit. So you can do laser engraving and 3D printing with a single CNC machine. 


Also, the CNC software can run either online by connecting it to wifi or offline through an SD card containing the code. 


Clearly, Snapmaker 2.0 beats the best CNC machines in the market in terms of overall performance. 


There are very few machines loaded with so many features. So if you want a single CNC machine that performs multiple functions, you’re at the right place.  

#5. SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer

SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer


The 3018-PRO CNC machine for beginners would have amazed you for sure since it offers top-notch quality and high-end features at unbelievably low prices. 


However, if you buy a 3018-PRO, you’d surely upgrade with add-ons and extra features. For instance, you will install enclosures around the machine for extra safety. 


That’s where its successor, the Genmitsu 3018-PROVer, comes in handy. It comes with all additional features that you might think of adding to your CNC machine. 


Also, the upgrades that 3018-PROVer include has made the system more efficient and heavy-duty. 


Let’s begin with the machine’s body, which has improved to match the best CNC machines in the market. The brand new 3018-PROVer comes with an all-aluminum body, increasing cutting performance and enhancing its sturdiness.


Apart from that, SainSmart has also upgraded drivers, which are now much quieter and more powerful at the same time. So if you want a silent yet heavy-duty CNC machine, the latest upgrade has got you covered. 


Now coming to the operation part of the CNC machine, the 3018-PROVer comes with limit switches. That helps you prevent the machine from crashing. Also, you get an emergency stop button and offline controller display in the new avatar of 3018-PRO. 


Then comes the side enclosures, which have been added to make the running of your machine safer. 


All of these upgrades have added extra safety features to this brand-new CNC machine from SainSmart. That means you get all the ideal upgrades and additions to the previous 3018-PRO without the hassle of installing them.  


So there it is the latest avatar of SainSmart’s beginner-level CNC machine



The best CNC machines in the market were once synonymous with large-scale industries and production facilities. But that has changed now, with more CNC machines readily available for small businesses, beginners, and hobbyists. 


However, more beginner-level CNC machines in the market have also made it harder to choose the best one. 


That’s precisely why we’ve compiled the list of the five best CNC machines based on their price, performance, durability, safety features, etc. 


So you can go ahead and choose the one that best suits your CNC requirements. 




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